Premium High Volume Outbound Email Service

June 1st, 2009

High Volume EmailLuxSci’s High Volume Outbound Email Sending Service, released earlier this year, has been a notable success.  Our service permits the sending of legitimate bulk email messages and also provides reliable “smarthost” services.  However, the offering is restricted to SMTP services and does not include the many outbound email processing tools present in LuxSci’s Premium Email service.  I.e. see  LuxSci Outbound Email: 5 Sending Options Compared!

Since High Volume Mail was offered, we have had many requests to send HIPAA-compliant bulk outbound email, i.e. newsletters and notices that contain protected health information (PHI) .  In such cases, SecureLine should be used to encrypt the outbound email in a way that can be opened by any recipient, but which is still secure.  Unfortunately, integration with SecureLine is not a feature of our Basic High Volume service.

LuxSci has responded by releasing Premium High Volume Outbound Email Service.  This is essentially Premium Email hosting with:

  • Basic High Volume SMTP services for outgoing email
  • Support for receipt of inbound email (i.e. replies to your messages)
  • IMAP and POP for reading email
  • Web-based interface for reading and sending email
  • SecureLine licenses for end-to-end email encryption
  • 5GB (or more) of disk space for storing Escrowed secure email messages and other email content
  • Full access to all standard outbound email processing tools, such as:
    • Sending copies of all outbound (and inbound) email to an email address of your choice
    • Scanning all outbound email for unwanted content
    • Restricting to whom outbound email can be sent
    • Attaching taglines and/or disclaimers to all outbound messages

The Premium High Volume services also run on geographically separate dedicated servers, separate from our regular premium email services, so that bulk sending will have no impact on regular non-bulk business email.

While Premium High Volume email services come with complete email hosting options, these are intended for managing the mailings and replies there-to.  If you also require business-class email for your users, we recommend a separate LuxSci non-High volume email hosting account.  Your High Volume and Standard Email Hosting accounts can be managed from a single login, and is a cost saving solution.

If you require encrypted bulk email, with the option of integrating with standard email services, it is time to evaluate Premium High Volume Email.

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Basic and Premium High Volume Services Compared

Feature Basic Premium
Price based on Limits
The price for these email sending services is based on the capacity that you need for sending daily and monthly.
SMTP Services authenticated with a username and password
SSL Security
Use of your choice of insecure SMTP, SMTP over TLS, and SMTP over SSL. Optionally, lock down your account to enforce the use of SSL or TLS.
Alternate Ports
Alternate ports for SMTP access, including use of port 80. This helps ensure that you can send even if there are firewalls or ISP policies blocking you.
Anonymous SMTP
Hide the IP address of the computers or servers that you are sending from. This helps prevent messages from being blocked because you are sending from an ISP or location that is already blocked.
Large Messages
Messages can be Up to 100MB in encoded size.
Many Recipients
Sent to up to 1000 recipients per message.
Use Your From Addresses
All sent messages must by sent from an email address in a domain that you own.

*Basic Service users can send using multiple “From addresses”, as long as they are approved by LuxSci support and are not addresses at “Free email services”. We can approve the use of any address in a domain, as well.

*Premium High Volume users can send from any email address in any domain in their Premium Email Account.

Dedicated Servers
Available for extremely high volume delivery to isolate your sending from everyone else’s.
SecureLine End-to-End Email Encryption
Send bulk encrypted email to anyone with an email address using SecureLine.
Recipient Restrictions
Use allow and deny lists to control to whom or to what domains messages can be sent.
Email Capturing
Send copies of all outbound email messages to an email address of your choice.
Automatically add taglines or disclaimers to all outbound email messages. This can be used in plain text or HTML in format.
Content Monitoring
Scan all outbound email for specific content (keywords, phrases, or regular expressions). Matching messages can be denied, sent to an auditor, or auto-encrypted using SecureLine.
Receive Inbound Email
Get a full-functional email hosting account with 5GB+ of space, SecureLine, IMAP, POP, and WebMail access to your inbound email. This is very useful if you need to process replies and bounces, or need to manage secure replies to encrypted outbound email messages.
WebMail access for sending and receiving email messages. Includes an integrated calendar and address book.
Service Upgrades
Depending on what you need, this kind of account can be upgraded to add such things as inbound email spam and virus filtering, inbound and outbound email archival, domain registration and DNS services, more disk space, private labeling, web hosting, WebAides collaboration tools, and more.