Restrict User WebMail Access by IP

February 9th, 2010

Block AccessAdministrators of LuxSci accounts now have the ability to specify exactly from what locations their users are permitted to login to WebMail.  I.e. administrators can choose to allow WebMail access only from the Office or certain other places.  This is good for general account and information security.

The new “Web Interface Access” tool is available to administrators under the “Domain Administration” area for each of their domains.  Features include:

  • Restricting all users in the domain from accessing the web interface (i.e. WebMail) from anywhere other than allowed IP addresses
  • The set of allowed IP addresses can be any number of individual IP addresses or blocks of IP Addresses (in CIDR notation, i.e.
  • Exempting any number of users in the domain from these access restrictions.  I.e. these exempt users can login from anywhere.  Exempting the account administrator(s) is often wise.
  • Fully configurable on a per-domains basis.  Some domains can be locked down with particular settings; some can be left open.