Secure Form: Web or PDF Forms to Secure Email Service

December 9th, 2009

Secure Forms

LuxSci has released its new Secure Form service. Quickly make your website or PDF forms secure and HIPAA-compliant. Receive the form data, including uploaded files, via secure email or download the data securely from LuxSci’s web interface.

What form types are supported by Secure Form?

  • Website forms that are hosted anywhere.
    • File uploads up to 50MB and 25 files per post
  • PDF forms that are hosted anywhere.

How can you receive the form data?

  • Via email formatted as any combination of:
    • Plain text
    • CSV file
    • HTML template using the form data
    • PDF file using the form data
  • Save the data in a Documents WebAide, where it is backed up and optionally encrypted. You can access it securely any time from any web browser.

How “secure” is Secure Form?

Secure Form allows you to choose the degree of security you need: minimal to maximal, offering end-to-end security with secure data storage.

  • SSL connection provided for securely posting data from your form to LuxSci servers.
  • Your choice of PGP or S/MIME encryption is used for sending the form data using email.
  • Optional PGP encryption of form data saved to Documents WebAides for later download.
  • SSL connections to are provided for accessing data saved in Documents WebAides.
  • Optional “forcing” of security. Select a check box, and all settings automatically require the use of secure options.

Of course, if you have forms that do not need security, you can configure separate “insecure” forms that do not use SSL and send the form data via insecure (regular) email messages. The choice is yours.

How is Secure Form Priced?

Secure Form is priced based on the maximum number of form posts per day and the maximum amount of form data posted. Dedicated servers are also available — these have no explicit limits on usage.

Besides the limits of the account-wide number of posts and amount of data per day, the Secure Form service is very flexible:

  • You can configure any number of forms in your account, and they all share the same aggregate usage limit (great for resellers or those with many forms).
  • The usage limits are soft.  If you exceed them, your form posts will still go through, though you will be charged for the next tier’s level of service at the end of the month.
  • You can upgrade your level of service at any time.
  • Secure Forms can be added to any LuxSci account.

Want to learn more?

See Secure Form.