SecureLine Email Encryption Enhancements

April 6th, 2007

LuxSci has made significant improvements to the SecureLine end-to-end email encryption service that make it much easier to use. These include

  • New SecureSend Portal: While SecureLine users have always been able to send secure email messages to anyone, it has not always been easy to receive secure email messages from folks without existing email security without at least sending them a secure message first. With the new "SecureSend Portal", anyone with an email address can send secure messages with attachments to any SecureLine user at any time and for free. The SecureSend portal is located at and this domain can be private labeled with your group’s own vanity domain name.
  • Import and Export: SecureLine Escrow questions and answers saved in your address books can not be imported and exported with your address book data using CSV files. This additional makes it very easy to build your list of Escrow questions and answers offline in a spreadsheet or to merge them in from external data sources.
  • Default Escrow Question and Answer: A default question and answer for use when sending SecureLine Escrow messages can now be configured on a global, per-domain, and/or per-user basis. Whenever a secure message is sent to someone for whom security information has not yet been configured, the default question and answer are used to make the sending process quick, easy, and secure. This also makes sending outbound from email clients using SMTP simpler as you may not have to pre-configure your recipient information ahead of time.
  • Rich Text in the Escrow Portal: When sending replies to messages in the SecureLine Escrow portal, users can now utilize a Rich text editor to mark up the message text with font colors, boldness, etc.
  • Replies in the Escrow Portal: The process of replying to messages in the SecureLine Escrow portal has been revised so that it is always possible to reply to any messages that you have received there, even if it was sent from an email alias or non-SecureLine user. Additionally, users can now edit the subject lines of the messages when they are replying to them.
  • Sending Email To SecureSend Users: People who have registered to use the "SecureSend Portal" have specified their own security questions and answers. These questions and answers are now used by default whenever a SecureLine user tries to send a secure message to one of these people. This makes it easier to send them secure messages, as the sender does not have to make up or communicate a security question and answer to the recipient.