SMTP Proxy Servers

September 15th, 2003

LuxSci has added a set of new servers whose sole purpose is to receive incoming Internet email for our clients and to perform all basic anti-Spam and custom email filtering before forwarding the messages on for delivery into the client accounts on separate servers. This has several benefits: 1. Your email server will not need to spend as much effort on email and Spam filtering so that your IMAP, POP, Outgoing SMTP, and WebMail experience is faster, more responsive, and more robust. 2. Future email worms like “SoBig” which flood the Internet with email will have much less effect on your quality of service as the barrage of incoming email should be intercepted by the proxy servers, leaving your IMAP, POP, Outgoing SMTP, and WebMail services responsive and reliable. 3. Incoming email proxying can be load balanced across multiple servers.

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