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Ebola is Infecting Computers; How to Protect Yours

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Spam and Virus FilterNo, your computer can’t catch the actual Ebola virus… its not even airborn yet.  However, we are finding that criminals are taking advantage of the hype and scare and curiosity over Ebola to infect people’s computers more easily.

This is commonly being done via email.  There are four prevalent types of email going around now that are meant to infect your computer:

  1. A fake report on the Ebola virus — when you click the link to read more, your Windows machine is infected with a virus that can collect and steal your personal information.
  2. A fake email from telecommunications provider that contains an important “Ebola Presentation” for your to download and view.  If you do it, you install malware that can allow others to remotely control your computer, access your web cam, log what you type, etc.
  3. Fake emails talking about an “Ebola Cure” which contains a malware attachment and which asks you to forward the news on to your friends.  The malware records your keystrokes and downloads additional malware on to your computer
  4. Fake emails about Ebola news and lists of “precautions”.

There are many other types of attacks and attack vectors that are being and can be exploited.  We will go over many of these, below, and how to protect yourself from them.  You should be very wary of any email received about Ebola, even if it appears to be from a friend.  You should be especially wary of opening any attachments sent through email, unless you have good confidence that they are malware-free.

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SecureLine Sending Enhancements

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

LuxSci has improved the look and feel of the SecureLine Escrow and SecureSend portals.  In the process, the maximum message size that can be sent from these portals has been raised from 20 Megabytes to 50 Megabytes (raw size) and the maximum number of attachments on one of these secure messages has been raised from 3 to 20 files.

The SecureSend portal allows anyone with an email address to send secure email messages to any LuxSci SecureLine user for free.  The SecureLine Escrow portal is where recipients who do not have PGP or S/MIME capability go to pick up secure email messages sent to them from LuxSci SecureLine users.

Receive Secure Emails from Anyone

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Secure SendGuaranteeing that information sent via email remains confidential can be a tricky business. Whether you’re in health care governed by HIPAA, education, or commerce, your customers and correspondents must be able to quickly and easily send your messages and attachments securely — no matter what email service they may have.


With the LuxSci’s SecureLine SecureSend Portal, anyone with an email address can easily send any LuxSci SecureLine user secure emails for free.

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Easy Bulk Download of all Attachments or all Selected Messages

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

LuxSci has released a new bulk downloading tool that allows users to save many files at once to their computer with minimal effort.  With LuxSci WebMail, this means that now users can:

  • Download all Attachments at Once: Click on the new "Download All Attachments in The Message" link, available in the "Attachments" tab of your message view area, to open a pop-up window containing the bulk download tool.
  • Download All Selected Messages at Once: Select any number of email messages from the message list and click on the "View > Download Message(s)" menu option.  If you have selected more than one message, the bulk download tool will open in a pop-up window with "EML-encoded" versions of all of the selected messages included therein.

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New WebMail Preferences

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

Two new preferences have been added under “My Preferences > Email Composition Preferences”.

  1. “Automatically include signature text at the end of new email messages?” Enabled by default, turning off this preference will disable the default appending of your WebMail Signature text to the end of new email messages. The pre-existing preference “Automatically include your signature text when forwarding or replying to messages?” allows you to configure the same for forwards and replies.
  2. “Automatically include attachments in forwarded email messages?” Disabled by default, turning this preference on will cause attachments in email messages to be automatically included when you forward these messages to other people. When disabled, you must manually select which attachments, if any, you wish to forward.