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LuxSci Reseller Program Re-Imagined

Monday, March 11th, 2013

LuxSci’s Reseller Program has been available for years.  It offers LuxSci customers the opportunity to save money when they are managing their own customer’s LuxSci accounts:

  • The Reseller manages their customer’s accounts and provides support to their customers
  • The Reseller bills their customers directly, with discretion to charge whatever they deem appropriate for the LuxSci services and their value added for management and other assistance.

Unlike our Affiliate program, which earns commissions for hands off referrals of new customers, our Reseller program earns discounts for hands on management of your customers.

After many years of Reseller success and feedback, LuxSci has significantly revised its Reseller program to be both simpler and more powerful.

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Multiple LuxSci Accounts? One Invoice. One Payment.

Friday, February 20th, 2009

If you have multiple accounts with LuxSci and would like to consolidate billing so that you pay for all of your accounts via one “main” account,  an “automatic balance transfer” feature is now available.

The way this works is that we “link up” your accounts at your request so that any balance due on a “dependent” account is automatically marked paid on that account and transferred to your “main” account.  Then, you can pay the consolidated balance on the main account either automatically using our standard payment methods of credit card, PayPal, check or wire transfer.

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Administrative Interface and Navigation Changes

Friday, March 25th, 2005
  • The Account Administration page has been completely revised. This page no longer shows detailed account information; it is now an easy-to-use index to all of the various account administration tools.
  • A new page called “General Account Information” has been created under your Account Administration page. This page consolidates all of the detailed global information about your account into one location. It contains: general account status, a list of all account limits, account quotas, service levels, permissions, services, and a list of servers to which the account has been assigned.
  • A revised “Web Site Management” section has been added. This section includes all of the features of the old section, but in a new format that is identical to the User Management and Domain Management sections of your account.
  • Your alternate billing address and billing email can now be configured in your “Billing Information” page.
  • The “Email Aliases” tool is now located directly under the “email” menu. It is also one of the main options in your new Account Administration page.
  • If you use our Theme Manager tool for your private labeled WebMail, you will find a link to this tool in your Account Administration page. The “Theme Manager” menu option has been removed from the “web” menu.
  • Users of our Account Automation API will find their API configuration tools under the new “Advanced Administration Tools” pages.