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Shared Calendars: Web, Desktop, and Mobile.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

“I need to share our corporate calendar with all my employees, but only allow some people to edit it. … I need my staff to be able to access their calendars while on the road with events updated in real time. … My secretary needs to be able to manage my calendar without having full access to my other information.  …. We have separate, overlapping groups of people who need to have multiple calendars shared with different sets of people; we need event assignment notices and reminders – can you help?”

Shared calendars and event collaboration are topics high on the priority list for many of our customers.  Fortunately, LuxSci has a robust calendaring system complete with methods for fine-grained sharing, notifications, reminders, and access from desktop and mobile devices.

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Video: Overview of LuxSci WebAides Collaboration Tools

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

LuxSci WebAides are personal information management and collaboration tools that offer an affordable alternative of Microsoft Exchange. This video gives examples of some of the features included with WebAides

Watch Video: WebAides Overview

Shared Workspaces for Collaboration

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Web-based collaborative environments, similar to Microsoft Sharepoint, are now offered by LuxSci.

For LuxSci users with a WebAide license, the widgetized “Welcome Page” area is now the “Workspaces” area.  Here, licensed users can:

  • Create any number of Workspaces with arbitrary configurations of widgets per workspace
  • Share Workspaces with other licensed users

Additionally, Workspaces for all users are “active” in that:

  • Widgets based on WebAides (i.e. Calendars, Address Books, Blogs, Tasks, Links, Documents, etc.) auto-update themselves so that any changes made to the underlying entries are visible to you within one minute.
  • The “Email Quick Check” widget which shows you the status of one or multiple email folders updates your folder status automatically every two minutes.
  • The “Notepad” widget auto-saves your changes, merges them with changes made by others and auto-updates your display with the most recent merged content — real-time collaborative note taking.
  • Other widgets whose content can change also update automatically.

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Instant Internal Blogs with WebAides

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

If you have the need for a personal diary or journal, or an internal corporate blog or FAQ, LuxSci’s Blogs WebAide is an ideal solution.  Blogs WebAides allow you to create any number of personal or collaborative Blogs with zero setup and zero software installation.  Blogs are accessible via LuxSci’s WebMail interface or using RSS feeds.

LuxSci’s Blogs WebAide were previously called “eJournals”.  The new name better represents the many features associated with a blog.

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WebAide Collaboration Tools: Major Updates

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

LuxSci has completed the major re-design of its WebAides collaboration tools; a final installment brings all WebAides up-to-date in terms of functionality and the user interface in both the Full and Xpress WebMail portals.  The project to modernize our collaboration suite began more than one year ago.  Of course, “final installment” is a misnomer as the job is never done — periodic feature updates are scheduled.

Significant updates include:

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