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Revised Password Strength Criteria and Requirements

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

LuxSci allows customers to choose a minimum level of password strength for their users, that is applied when users are created and when they change their passwords.  We have made several improvements to this process to help users choose more secure passwords:

  1. Symbols: Good passwords used to require the inclusion of both letters and numbers.  This has been relaxed and made more secure by now allowing the use of “numbers or symbols”.  E.g. passwords with symbols (like “$” or “%”) and/or spaces can be used even if there are no numbers involved.  This is actually more secure.
  2. More Characters: Customers can set the minimum number of characters in their user passwords.  Previously the largest minimum you could choose was 8 characters. Now, customers can choose to require passwords to contain at least 10, 12, or 16 characters.
  3. Hard to Guess: In addition to password length, LuxSci uses a measure to determine if the password is “hard to guess”.  We have updated this determination so that it uses a new method that is much better at determining what computers can and cannot easily break.

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Security Simplified: The Base+Suffix Method for Memorable Strong Passwords

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

keysIt’s the classic problem of having “too many keys”.  You have accounts on many different web sites.  Some are small and relatively insignificant, from a security point of view, like blogs or shopping sites.  Some are large and sensitive, like banking and PayPal accounts.  Since unified login mechanisms like OpenID are not yet pervasive, you must remember the usernames and passwords for every single site.  This is a truly daunting task.

Ideally, you would like to use passwords that are “strong” (i.e. very good, not easily guessable) and different for every site.  However, how can you remember each secure and unique password without resorting to a “cheat sheet”?

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Password Strength Checking Updates

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

 By default, passwords on LuxSci must be 6 or more characters long, be alphanumeric, and must pass the “crack” password strength checking library. LuxSci has supported additional weaker levels of password strength checking available upon request: 1+ characters, 6+ characters, and 6+ alphanumeric characters. Now LuxSci also supports the following additional levels of password strength checking: 8+ characters, 8+ alphanumeric characters, and 8+ alphanumeric characters that pass the “crack” password strength checking library. Accounts with “API Access” can revise their account’s password strength checking level in the API control panel. Other accounts can request a different password strength checking level by making a support ticket.