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DNS at LuxSci — Not your “Daddy’s” DNS!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

LuxSci has recently lowered its prices for DNS services [and domain registrations]. We are now cost competitive with all major DNS services offered, with the exception perhaps of the “free” ones bundled into other DNS providers’ packages.  The quality of LuxSci’s DNS service continues to far exceed that of most providers.

DNS services are often likened to the “phone books” of the Internet.  If the phone book is not available, then your email stops working and people cannot get to your web site.  Highly reliable DNS services are thus fundamental to reliable email and web sites. Yet, all too often, people choose their DNS service provider based solely on price, only to regret that decision later when things start failing — while you can change your DNS provider, it is not instantaneous and the loss to you may be unrecoverable.

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