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Reliability: How to choose a DNS Service that Shrugs off a Denial of Service Attack

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

DNS is a cornerstone of the Internet.  It is the “phonebook” that translates all those domain names, like “luxsci.com” and “google.com” into the addresses of the actual computers that you need to talk to (more details).  Unfortunately, if there is an issue with the DNS for your company’s domain name, then your web site can go offline, your email can stop flowing or bounce, and other bad things can happen.

In addition to having a rock solid email and web hosting service, the reliability of your corporate email and web site depends on your DNS service being always available.  However, for this very reason, attacks on DNS services by hackers are more and more common … we see them or hear about them at least once every few months these days.  How do you prevent these attacks on DNS from crippling your business services?

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.tel Domain Names – Your Easy Internet Calling Card

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Domain names ending in ".tel" have gone on sale today.  These domain names, like "your-business.tel", are entirely new and function much differently than all other domain names, like those ending in ".com" and ".net".  How are these domain names different?

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