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LuxSci Enhancements: Highlights of Recent Minor Updates

Friday, October 26th, 2012

The LuxSci development team is constantly adding to and improving the LuxSci experience.  Sometimes this comes in the form of big changes, such as the recent addition of customer-configurable firewalls or “watching” WebAides to be informed of updates and changes to files, blogs, calendars, etc.  Other times, it comes in the form of many smaller changes.  Below, we list many of the recent changes that you may not have noticed but might find useful.

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LuxSci Meets Customers’ Unique Needs with Custom Development

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

LuxSci is well known for the depth and breadth of its feature set — many complex business needs can be met via the right combination of features and configurations.  This is one thing that really sets LuxSci apart from its competition.

Perhaps even more unique than having extensive features is the fact that LuxSci is willing to add and/or prioritize new features and extensions to existing features to help customers meet specific needs.  LuxSci’s development team is agile, often able to complete custom development work within 2-3 weeks of the time that it is agreed upon and commissioned by the customer.  

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