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New! Personalize Email Composition Fonts & Colors Default Settings

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Email Composition SettingsBecause each customer’s individual styles are different, Luxsci’s newest email feature enables you to define your style for email composition in WebMail.  You may now create a personalized default style configuration for your email editor.   If you prefer your text to display as black or blue or any color in the rainbow, you can select that as your preferred font color.  When you send email with HTML, these style settings will be used to display your email to the reader.  The reader must also be using an email application which enables email with HTML in order to appreciate your applied styles.

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New Preference for Customizing Plain Text Email Message Display

Monday, March 12th, 2012

LuxSci has added a new user preference that enables users to customize the font style and size used to display plain text message previews and content in the LuxSci WebMail interface.

By default, plain text message content is displayed in a fixed width font (“Courier New”) that is 12 pixels in size.  Users can individually override this now to use other fonts (like Arial or Times New Roman) and other sizes (e.g. to make the text larger).

This preference can be found under “My Preferences > Email Message List > Message Display“.