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Collaborative Access to Encrypted Archived Form Data with SecureForm

Friday, February 7th, 2014

LuxSci SecureForm service uniquely enables web site and PDF forms to post their data and files to a secure URL and have that data automatically securely emailed to one or more recipients, uploaded to an S/FTP site, archived in an online collaborative WebAides file storage space, and/or saved to a MySQL database.  With a few clicks and minimal changes to existing forms, customers can have sophisticated and secure forwarding, processing, and storage of their form posts, including re-filling the posted data into template PDF, html, xml, and other files.

Collaborative Access to Encrypted Archived Form Data

When using SecureForm to store copies of uploaded form data to an online Documents WebAide, you can choose to have that data automatically encrypted so that only the “recipient” of the encryption (i.e. one of your users) can ever open it.  Not even LuxSci’s technical support staff would be able to access this data unless you specifically allowed it.  

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Three Kinds of Distribution Lists

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Many of our clients prefer and sometimes require the use of  “Distribution Lists” to send email messages to multiple recipients.

We are often asked if LuxSci supports “Distribution Lists”.  The answer is “Yes”, and we have three different approaches to send email messages to pre-defined lists of recipients.  We feel that is helpful to present each solution using the same requirements and to compare the relative merits of each.

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User Group Distribution Lists are Here

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Group Distribution ListLuxSci has added a new, often requested feature to its User Groups collaboration tools — the ability to associate an “email address” with the User Group so that all messages sent to that custom email address are forwarded to all members of the User Group.  This is a Group Distribution List.

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Collaboration: New Improved User Group Management

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

LuxSci has updated its web-based User Group management interface from the ground up to provide users with a fast, modern, featureful experience.  The User Group WebAides user interface now matches that of WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, and Passwords in AJAX-based Web 2.0 speed, data caching, and usability.

User Groups WebAides are very useful in a collaborative environment for:

  • Sharing WebAides (i.e. calendars, files, etc.) or email folders with groups of users instead of or in addition to individuals.
  • Encrypting individual entries (i.e. files or passwords) such that any group member can decrypt the item, as long as they are a member of the group
  • Creating email distribution lists so that it is easy to email everyone in the group.

The major changes that come along with these user interface enhancements include:

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