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Email your Form Data Securely to Addresses Determined on the Fly

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

SecureFormLet’s say you have a web or PDF form and you would like to have the completed form emailed back to the user after it is submitted.  Or perhaps you have a complex form whose data should be sent to any one of a wide range of different email addresses based on its content.  Finally — what if those email messages needed to be secure to protect the form data?

It’s now quick and simple to accomplish this with LuxSci SecureForm.

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SecureForm Form to Email Service — Now Supports Dynamic Email Subjects

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

LuxSci SecureForm is an easy way to add or enhance security and/or functionality to web and PDF forms you use to collect important information. Receive the form data via insecure or secure email in a broad range of formats, and/or save it to a LuxSci Documents WebAide (encryption optional) for future online access.

With the new “Dynamic Subject” feature of SecureForm, you can now auto-substitute the posted form content from one or more of your form fields into the subject line of the form-data-laden email messages that you receive from SecureForm.*

For example, instead of receiving a message with a generic subject like “Form post from your contact information form”, it could now be dynamic.  You could enter the subject with a place holder, i.e. “Contact information form post from {{contact_name}}”.  The data posted in the form field named “contact_name” would be substituted and you would get an email that with a subject line of “Contact information form post from John Smith”.

You can have multiple place holders in your subject lines.

For an overview of SecureForm, see our SecureForm video.

* Note that the Dynamic Subject feature of SecureForm is not available to HIPAA accounts for compliance reasons.