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McAfee Migration Deadline Approaching

Friday, December 9th, 2016

McAfee has been LuxSci’s partner for premium email filtering and email archival services, well, since these services were owned by McAfee-acquired  MXLogic and MXLogic first started setting up partner relationships.  A long time.

In late 2015, McAfee announced that it was ending its email filtering and archival service offerings, effective January 11th, 2017.  They gave everyone about 1 year to find alternatives and move away before the plug is pulled.

LuxSci chose two replacement companies: Proofpoint for email filtering and Sonian for email archival.  Both are very good; Proofpoint was even the 2015 pick by Gartner as the best in email filtering.  We announced this change in December of 2015:

Introducing Proofpoint and Sonian to replace McAfee for Premium Filtering and Archival

Over the past year, LuxSci has been working long hours migrating its 1000s of customers from McAfee to these new services.  All customers who were previously using McAfee have migration-related support tickets with detailed information and instructions on the process.  A majority of customers are all set — their migrations are complete.

There are, however, several hundred customers who have yet to complete the migration of their email filtering to Proofpoint: their email is still flowing through their old McAfee accounts.  These customers are in charge of the DNS settings for their domains, so LuxSci can not complete the migration steps without their assistance.  These customers need to follow the instructions in their migration tickets, which includes:

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Introducing Proofpoint and Sonian to Replace McAfee for Premium Filtering and Archival

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

McAfee announced several months ago that it is “end-of-lifeing” its Email Filtering and Email Archival services.  These are the services that LuxSci has been reselling for more than 10 years (as one of McAfee’s first resellers in this area) as its Premium Email Filtering and Archival solutions.

After a lot of internal review, LuxSci has chosen to replace McAfee’s services with Email Filtering from Proofpoint and Archival from Sonian.  While McAfee (formerly MXLogic) had its time as the premier service for Filtering and Archival, they have declined over time compared to alternatives.  Both Proofpoint and Sonian are leaders in their respective areas and provide a level of service significantly superior to the disappearing McAfee services.

Beginning in early January of 2016, LuxSci will switch to selling Proofpoint and Sonian as its solutions for Premium Filtering and Archival for all new accounts and for all accounts that do not yet have these services and wish to upgrade.  Starting in January, LuxSci will also begin migrating existing Premium Email Filtering customers who do not also have Archival over to the new Proofpoint solution.  Later, starting March or April, we will begin migrating customers who have Archival as well.

How does Proofpoint differ from McAfee for Premium Filtering?

Analysis has show that Proofpoint is much more accurate than McAfee filtering — stopping more spam with fewer false positives and stopping more phishing-related traffic automatically.  This is in part due to the much larger size of Proofpoint’s client base and their ability to leverage dynamic analysis of all of the data flowing through their systems.

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