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Encrypted and HIPAA-compliant file sharing with Dropbox: Secure File Sharing at LuxSci

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Want to set up a public dropbox for sharing sensitive files but still remain HIPAA-compliant?  This is now a snap for anyone with a HIPAA-compliant LuxSci account.

LuxSci has long provided online cloud-based secure file storage and sharing via its Documents WebAide service, which is included with all accounts as part of our suite of collaboration tools (calendars, tasks, address books, files, notes, links, password libraries, and user groups).  Now, in addition to being able to share files internally with other users, groups, and accounts, LuxSci customers can securely share files with anyone on the Internet.

How to Share

There are many ways to access the dialog box used for sharing WebAides with others.  Here is one:

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Maximize Your Outbound Email Throughput: How to Send More Email, Faster

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Customers of our High Volume bulk outbound email service often ask how they can “send faster”.  They want to get their mailing out ASAP, no matter if it is to hundreds of recipients, or millions of recipients.

This post codifies all of the various types of advice we give for optimizing outbound email throughput.  Much of it applies to outbound email sending over SMTP in general — i.e. its not limited to the LuxSci High Volume service.

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Collaboration: Updated Online Password List Management

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

LuxSci has re-written its web-based Password management interface from the ground up to provide users with a fast, modern, featureful experience.  The WebAides Passwords user interface now matches that of WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, and User Groups in AJAX-based Web 2.0 speed, data caching, and usability.

The Passwords WebAide provides:

  • PGP-Encrypted online storage for all of the user names, passwords, and related information that most people have in abundance for logging in to countless web sites and devices.  Every entry is separately encrypted using PGP.  The PGP certificates are imported by you and/or generated by LuxSci.  There is no need for the passwords to these PGP keys to ever be stored on LuxSci’ servers.  This is a secure online solution.
  • Shared access — you can have detailed control of who in your account, if anyone, can decrypt and access which passwords.
  • Associated encrypted notes and attachments with each password so that you can store additional related information.

Consider LuxSci’s WebAide Passwords to be an “Online Lockbox” where you can securely store and share all of your passwords.  This Lockbox can be accessed from anywhere that you have Internet access.  The major changes that come along with these user interface enhancements include:

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Improved Shared Service Level Agreement

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005

LuxSci has improved its Service Level Agreement (SLA) for shared email and web hosting clients. LuxSci now promises 99.9% or better service availability. For complete details, see our shared service level agreement.