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Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration with LuxSci

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Do you have a web site or App that you control where users of that site/App are also users of LuxSci?  LuxSci’s single sign-on service enables your site or app to send these users to any page of their LuxSci interface without their to separately login to LuxSci.

Single sign-on integrates your site or app with LuxSci so that users need only login once (to your site or app) and then can seamlessly travel between them.  This is great for speed and usability.  It is also good for users to not need to remember more passwords.

How does LuxSci Single Sign-On Work?

SSO works through LuxSci’s API.

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Extreme WebMail Login Security with OpenID

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

openid-largeNow that LuxSci supports OpenID as an option for logging into WebMail, it raises the questions:  “Just how secure is OpenID?” and “Does this new technology allow for more secure logins?”  In short, the security of OpenID can vary from very poor to extremely iron-clad. OpenID does allow you to make your logins to WebMail “bullet-proof”, if you set things up appropriately.

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