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Automatic Promotional Discounts for New LuxSci Accounts

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

New customers are now eligible for automatic promotional specials that will save them from $10 to $300 on their orders.  These promotions are applied automatically to all eligible new orders:

  • No special offer code is needed
  • No need to actually be aware of what specials are available ahead of time
  • Only one promotion can be used with each order; the most valuable one that applies to what you are ordering is automatically granted.

The new promotions are one-time credits towards specific services.  Currently, these include:

Value Promotion New Orders that Include:
$10 Free Domain Registration 5+ email licenses
$50 Free Email Migration 1-49 users 10+ email licenses
$100 Free HIPAA Setup Fee 10+ email licenses
$100 Free Dedicated Server Setup Fee Email Marketing Px2/Px4/Px8 Server
$100 Free Dedicated Basic Server Setup Fee Email/Web/HIPAA Dedicated Server
$149 Free SSL 123 Certificate Premium Private Labeling or SecureForm 25+ Tier
$150 Free Email Migration 50-149 users 50+ email licenses
$150 50% Dedicated Premium Server Setup Fee Email/Web/HIPAA Dedicated Px1/Px2 Server
$250 Free Email Migration 150+ users 150+ email licenses
$300 Free Dedicated Premium Server Setup Fee Email/Web/HIPAA Dedicated Px4/Px8 Server

E.g. Any new customer with 5 or more users can get domain registration free for the first year (a $10 value). If you have 10 or more users and are ordering HIPAA-compliant services, we will instead waive your $100 HIPAA setup fee. If you have 10 or more users, Email Migration can be free.

What about existing customers?

These promotions are targeted towards new accounts.  However, any existing customer that wants to upgrade (e.g. by adding new users or by upgrading to a new dedicated server) can also receive a respective promotional credit along with that upgrade — simply contact sales to apply for the special promotional upgrade credit.

March Special Offer: Private Labeling and HIPAA

Friday, February 28th, 2014

March, 2014 at LuxSci is all about Private Labeling and HIPAA.

Order using the special offer code “FREEPL” any time this month and get:

  1. Private Labeling free for the first 30 days (if you order it; applies to any tier of Private Labeling)
  2. $100 HIPAA Setup fee waived (if you order HIPAA; even if you do not order Private Labeling)