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LuxSci Supports Email Messages up to 200 MB in Size

Friday, October 21st, 2011

LuxSci has just increased the maximum supported email message size to 200 Megabytes (from the previous limit of 100 Megabytes).  This 200MB message size limits is significantly larger than any other email competitive email provider and ensures that you can receive messages sent from any sender and that you can send very large files between users of LuxSci without problems.

This 200 Megabyte limits includes:

  • Receipt of email up to 200 MB in encoded size
  • Sending messages via SMTP (i.e. from Outlook) up to 200 MB in encoded size
  • Inbound Premium Email Filtering for messages up to 200MB in encoded size
Note: WebMail can view the 200MB messages received; however, WebMail is still limited to sending messages at most 70MB in size itself.  Additional our High Volume bulk email service also has a a limit of 100 MB/outbound message.