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What are Shared Server Environments?

LuxSci offers our shared hosting customers a choice of hardware server environment to provide different price points and reliability/security levels for varying customer needs. This mirrors how dedicated server customers can choose between "Basic" and "Premium" style servers for the same reasons.

Premium Environment
Provides a better SLA, better privacy policy, better security, more backups, and higher reliability.
Basic Environment
Provides low cost disk space: 2x the disk space included (30 GB) and less expensive further upgrades ($0.50/GB).

LuxSci standard web and email hosting services are available in either environment -- you choose which is right for you.

Note: HIPAA, High Volume, and Premium High Volume accounts are only available in the Premium Environment.

Basic and Premium Compared

  Basic Premium

Price starts under

$10/mo $15/mo

Disk Space included with account

30 GB 15 GB

Disk Space upgrade increments

10 GB blocks 10 GB blocks

Disk Space upgrade cost

+$0.75/GB +$1.00/GB

Uptime Guarantee

99.99+% 99.99+%

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Good Excellent

Network Infrastructure

Good Excellent

Software Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls

Redundant Hardware Firewalls

HIPAA Compliant Accounts

Daily On-site Backups

Weekly Off-site Backups

Oldest Backup

6-7 days 21-28 days

Performance & Redundancy

Good Excellent

LuxSci Email Domain

Use your own domain

Privacy Policy

Good Excellent

Which Environment is Right for You?

Choose Premium If You Require:

  • HIPAA or the best security
  • The most reliable and fastest service
  • The best SLA and privacy policy
  • Backups kept for more than 1 week.

Choose Basic If You Require:

  • Significant amounts of disk space and you are cost conscious

Go Dedicated If You Require:

  • The additional security and privacy of a dedicated solution over a shared one
  • Total disk space amounts of 200GB or more
  • Large numbers of users
  • Custom backup schedules
  • Custom firewalls, load balancers, or other hardware
  • High capacity for sending email, processing inbound email, web and FTP access, etc.

Comparing Disk Space

When comparing disk space limits purchased at LuxSci vs other providers, please keep in mind:

Most other providers give you a specific amount of space "per user".

  • Most users will use far less than their disk space limit; only a few power users will, in general, approach the limit
  • If a user reaches his/her limit, that limit is hard and that user's services may be interrupted!
  • There is generally no way to increase individual user limits! So, if the limit is 10GB/user and you need 12GB, you are completely out of luck.
  • These limits are not sharable among the account, i.e. 10 users with 10 GB/user does not give you 100 GB to distribute freely across all users.

At LuxSci, we do not impose per-user disk space limits. (Though as an admin, you can)

  • Disk space is account wide and shared by all users and services
  • An individual user can use as much disk space as needed and not be cut off.
  • If the account-wide usage exceeds the purchased limit, you are merely charged for the extra space -- no services are interrupted.
  • You can easily add more space to your account as needed.
  • Unlike with other email providers, you buy the disk space you actually need and not some artifically high limit.
Starts under $10/mo

"I have been very happy with LuxSci -- I especially like the peace of mind I have regarding HIPPA compliance and the privacy of my sensitive information. The product is easy to use and does what I need."

—Leslie Malin, LCSW-R, Alchemy of Aging

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