Connect your Secure Forms to your Secure Marketing

November 11th, 2020

From a marketing and engagement perspective, an extremely common and revenue-driving workflow is to have the contact information of the people who fill out your online forms automatically added to your marketing database. This integration saves time by not requiring manual data entry steps and speeds up your marketing automation processes.

Secure Form to Secure Email Marketing Integration

This automated connection is now available for your LuxSci Secure Forms. After a license upgrade, they can now be automatically integrated with your LuxSci Secure Marketing platform. This integration enables new contacts to be automatically created in your Secure Marketing instance from selected Secure Form posts. You can then leverage Secure Marketing to send automated drip campaigns to these contacts, group mailings, and more.

Integration Requirements

To integrate your LuxSci Secure Form and Secure Marketing systems, you will need:

  1. A LuxSci account containing the Secure Form service with a license to use the Secure Marketing integration. Please contact LuxSci for pricing if this integration is not included in your account.
  2. A LuxSci account containing LuxSci Secure Marketing. This can be the same or a different account from that holding your Secure Forms.
  3. In your Secure Marketing account:
    1. Create an account-scope API Configuration and Enable it for “Secure Marketing” commands. This can be done by logging into your LuxSci account and going to the API Configuration page.
    2. Contact LuxSci Support and request that this API configuration be linked to your Secure Marketing instance.
    3. Ensure that the Contact List you wish to add new contacts from Secure Form has been created in Secure Marketing.
    4. Define any custom contact fields that you will populate with data from Secure Form.

Integration Process

To create the integration:

  1. Login to the LuxSci account containing your Secure Forms.
  2. Navigate to the Secure Form which you would like to integrate with Secure Marketing.
  3. Click on “Add an Integration” in the Settings area and choose the “Secure Marketing” integration.
  4. Give your integration a title and enter the API details for your Secure Marketing account.
  5. Save your integration and press “Edit” to complete the configuration.
  6. Specify the contact list to be used, the form field name that will contain the contact email address, and specify any mappings between other form fields and custom contact fields in Secure Marketing.

See the online help for this integration or contact support for more details.