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Data Backups and Restores

Standard Backups

LuxSci performs backups of all* email, WebAide, Widget, database, FTP, and web site data in your account. In the event that you misplace or delete your data accidentally, LuxSci can quickly and easily restore it from the most recent snapshot.

Backup frequency and retention (based on server environment):

Server Environment On-site Backups Off-site Backups
Premium 7 daily copies 4 weekly copies
Basic 7 daily copies none

Restores from backup (depends on Support Level):

Support Level Restores
Premium Unlimited (within reason) restores included
Basic $25.00 per instance/object restored

*Spotlight mailer data is backed up in case of a server crash; but it is not restorable by customer request.

Custom Backup Schedules for Dedicated Servers

Customers with dedicated servers can choose their backup and retention schedule. I.e. the frequency of on-site and off-site backups, as well as the length of time they are kept, can be specified. Please contact Sales for pricing on custom backup schedules.

BACKUP email folder features

Email hosting customers can enable their "BACKUP" email folder. Once enabled, copies of all recent inbound email messages are deposited in the user's BACKUP email folder so that the user has a copy in case messages are deleted my mistake.

By default, all but the most recent 100 messages are auto-deleted from the BACKUP folder nightly, to conserve space and keep things manageable; however, the retention properties of this folder are fully customizable.

Email Capturing for "Do-it-yourself" Backups

Customer administrators can enable "Email Capturing" to send copies of all inbound and/or outbound email for some or all users in their domains to a specific "archival" email address. LuxSci's email folder management tools (which enable auto-archival and deletion of folders) can then be used to provide a global backup system or simple archive for all of this email.

For more details, see Archiving Email: Basic Solution.

Email Archival for Permanent Backups

LuxSci's optional Premium Email Archival service provides redundant, permanent, unlimited, off-side storage for all sent and received messages. It comes complete with web-based search and downloading of messages. If you need another layer of backups or archival for compliance reasons, or for redundancy, then Premium Email Archival is the way to go.

Backup/Mirror Email Accounts

LuxSci can provide you with a separate account on a separate server which will receive and keep recent copies of all email to all of your users. This allows you to have both a real-time, configurable backup for your email and also to have an account containing your recent email and allowing you to send and receive messages even in the event that your main email server is offline for maintenance or other reasons.

Message Continuity: Inbound Email Access even if Email is Down

Our Premium Email Filtering solution comes with an option called "Message Continuity". With this option your inbound email can be spooled on servers outside of LuxSci's main network in the case of any server or data center outage. During the spooling, your users can login to a special web interface to read the pending email messages and write new ones. Once the issue is over, all the send and queued email is delivered to your account. This provides an extra level of protection in case of any failure. For more details, see Message Continuity.

Starts under $10/mo

"Thank you for helping me get my site up and running on such short notice. You are a ROCK STAR! LuxSci is the best decision i could have made. I am VERY satisfied!"

—Marcos R. Lara, Public Internet Project

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