Send Fast, Send More – High Volume Bulk Email Server Clusters

June 29th, 2012

LuxSci’s High Volume bulk emailing service provides excellent deliverability for legitimate mass mailings — e.g. newsletters, transactional email messages, announcements, etc.

It is often the case that customers require either:

  • Sending to large numbers of recipients (millions to 10s of millions or more in a month)
  • Sending many messages quickly (in short bursts)

In either case, the mail server needs to be able to handle large numbers of concurrent connections and to process large mail queues quickly.  There are several ways to go about this:

  1. “Big Gun” – Use a single mail server that is powerful enough to handle everything by itself.
  2. “More Guns” – Use a cluster of modest mail servers that can handle everything via a group effort

The “Big Gun” method is simplest and works in the beginning.  Adding more RAM and more processor cores to a machine does boost thoughput.  However, as you continue pushing the server, continued gains require more and more expensive hardware — extremely fast RAIDed disks, multiple multi-core processors, large amounts of memory, operating system fine tuning, optimized networking, etc.  This causes the cost of such a machine to quickly outpace the gains in throughput.

The “More Guns” method involves load balancing multiple inexpensive mail servers servers … forming a “server cluster”.  While more complex, this has great advantages in that:

  • Throughput and capacity can be enhanced by merely adding more inexpensive servers
  • The cost of additional capacity scales roughly as the capacity itself (it doesn’t get increasingly costly to add the next chunk of capacity)
  • By having some extra capacity via an extra server in the cluster, you can have a “fail over” situation, where you can continue with “sending as usual” even if one of the mail servers should fail or be taken down for maintenance

Server Clusters in LuxSci High Volume Bulk Mailing

LuxSci recognizes the value and scalability inherent in the “more guns” server cluster approach.  For customers requiring sending to millions recipients or more per month, or who need to send large numbers of messages in a short time, or who have redundancy requirements, LuxSci provides dedicated “High Volume Server Clusters” .

These server clusters can scale to service any desired sending volume or thoughput.  Please contact sales and we can develop a custom solution to meet your exact sending needs.