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Email and Access Auditing Updates

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

LuxSci has for a long time tracked WebMail logins, POP connections, IMAP connections, and email messages sent via your email servers. You can view reports on these under the “My Profile” section of your account with LuxSci.LuxSci has made several updates to its facility for auditing user activity:

  • The “Login History Reports” section of “My Profile” has been renamed “Activity Auditing Reports” to reflect the more general nature of the reports that are contained therein.
  • LuxSci now tracks messages sent via WebMail. You will find a history of email messages that you have sent from WebMail under the WebMail reports in the “Activity Auditing Reports” section of “My Profile”. This allows you and your account administrators to see when and how many messages you have sent from WebMail, and to how many recipients these messages were sent. As a user, you can also view the subjects of these messages in the auditing reports; however, for privacy reasons, the message subjects are suppressed in the account administrator and technical support versions of your reports.
  • LuxSci now tracks the messages sent from your web sites. You can view a history of the messages sent from each of your web sites under the Web Site Configuration page for each of your sites. Depending on what kind of web site script sent the messages, these reports may track the IP addresses of the web site visitors that caused the messages to be sent and the path to the scripts that sent the messages. These reports allow you to see when and how your site is sending email messages and can be used to make sure that it is not being hijacked to send undesired email messages.
  • LuxSci now tracks the messages sent by users of its web servers. This includes messages sent by users with shell access, by CRON jobs running as individual users, and all other user-specific messages originating on the web servers that are not associated with a specific web site. If you have any kind of web server access, you can view reports of your web server message sending history under the “Activity Auditing Reports” section of “My Profile”.