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The Case For Email Security

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

We all know that regular email is insecure; however, it may surprise you to learn just how insecure it really is. For example, did you know that messages which you thought were deleted years ago may be sitting on servers half-way around the world? Or, that your messages can can sometimes be read and modified in transit, even before they reach their destination? Did you know that forging email is very, very easy?  Can you trust what you read in an email?  Email security was never designed in to the internet from the beginning and as a result, many different solutions have evolved to plug the multitude of resulting issues.

This article is designed to teach you about how email really works, what the real email security issues are, what mitigations to these are generally in use, and what else you can to to protect you email.

Case for Email Security

Information security and integrity are centrally important  as we use email for personal and business communication: sending confidential and sensitive information over this medium every day. While you are reading this article, imagine how these security problems could affect your business, your personal life, and your identity…. if they have not already.

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Do you need a VPN for Secure Email in a Wireless Hotspot?

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

LuxSci has been approached by many people asking for VPN (Virtual Private Network) services.  When we ask them why, they indicate that they use wireless hotspots (like at Starbucks and other public places) that are insecure and untrusted and they want to be sure that their email is secure and encrypted there.*

Note that even if the hotspot is password protected and “secure”, that does not mean that it is “trusted”.  The hot stop administrators or other users of that hotspot could still try to intercept your Internet traffic.  So, just because it is a “secure” hotspot with the little lock next to it and a password that you must enter, do not assume you are safe at all.

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Understanding Email Services: A crash course in email jargon

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

You thought email was a simple concept, but you are at once confronted with a plethora of acronyms and jargon like POP, IMAP, WebMail, Aliases, Forwards, SMTP, IMAP, POP, Quota, SPAM, TLS, SSL, Archival, and more! This article describes the ins and outs of email, explains these terms, and helps you figure out what services and features you need from your personal or business email service provider.

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Enhancements to LuxSci’s Forced SSL Feature

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

LuxSci has previously permitted account administrators to force everyone in their account to use only secure (over SSL) connections to POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail. This feature has been extended to manage SSL use on a per-domain or per-user basis. Additionally, LuxSci has improved the Forced SSL feature so that it supports secure SMTP usage on any LuxSci SMTP ports, not just ports 465 and 6465. Sending email securely on ports 25, 80, 587, 2025, and 6025 is now permitted with “Forced SSL” enabled. Forced SSL is now compatible with any modern email client in combination with any other LuxSci outbound email features in use.

Optional Forced Use of SSL for Email Services

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

Account administrators now have the option to easily force all of their users to employ only secure connections (over SSL) to LuxSci email services. This includes POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail services.