LuxSci VPN Access provides secured access from your computer to LuxSci's systems. This is done by encrypting all traffic to and from your computer (and from LuxSci) and sending it through a secured "tunnel".

Major VPN Features

Feature Description
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software
Software provided
OS Support
Windows, Mac
VPN Authentication
User-specific passwords provided
Secures what Traffic?
Traffic to LuxSci's Servers Only
Doubly Secure
Use of TLS within the VPN provides a double layer of encryption.

What Services are Protected by the VPN

All traffic to/from LuxSci and the VPN user will travel through the VPN. All other traffic will not travel though the VPN. The following chart shows which services utilize the VPN and which services will not:

WebMail Interface (WebMail, WebAidesTM, Workspaces, Administration, etc.)
Hosted MySQL database access
Hosted web site access
LuxSci Mailer Interface
SecureLineTM Escrow Interface
SecureLineTM SecureSend Interface
SecureFormTM posts
WebAideTM Sync and SecureLineTM Outlook Plugins
LuxSci Affiliate Portal
Premium Email Filtering & Archival Interfaces
Enterprise DNS Management Interface

Why use the LuxSci VPN?

LuxSci's TLS and SecureLineTM services provide solid client-server connection security and end-to-end email encryption. So why use LuxSci's VPN?

  • MySQL Database - Use any MySQL Administrative program from your desktop or laptop securely. Note that MySQL is the only LuxSci service where access without TLS is permitted to security-locked down accounts when these connections are made through the LuxSci VPN.
  • Maximize Security - Sometimes, depending on your computer or network, you might not notice problems with your TLS-secured connections or man-in-the-middle monitoring. By forcing your connections through a VPN, you eliminate any possibility of TLS monitoring or phishing attacks on your connections.
  • Access Restrictions - Restricts access to your account exclusively to users connected via the VPN. This goes a long way to block any kind of unauthorized account access by third parties.
  • Get Around Firewalls - Your computer may be behind a firewall that permits outbound VPN connections but it may not permit direct access to services like IMAP, POP, SMTP, WebMail, FTP, etc. Use the VPN to poke through your firewall, if permitted, and access your LuxSci services.

Note that the LuxSci VPN will only secure traffic to LuxSci's Servers:

  • When you are connected to the VPN and try to use a non-LuxSci service, that traffic will not flow through the VPN at all, it will go directly to the non-LuxSci service.