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Email Composition Widget Saves You Time

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LuxSci’s Widgets and Workspaces enable customers to create custom interfaces to work with our products in a way most appropriate to their business and workflow.  They can create sharable spaces (Workspaces) and populate these with tools (Widgets) such as calendars, task boards, note pads, blogs, file storage areas, etc.

LuxSci has had a couple of Widgets that customers can use for interacting with their email including seeing new messages as they come in.  Now, customers can add “Email Composition” widgets to their workspaces to view new email and compose email at the same time in the same workspace.

The Compose Email widget works very much like the Mobile Site email composition screen it supports:

  • Sending attachments
  • Specifying To, Cc, and Bcc addresses
  • Allows you to send plain text message content and to use your WebMail signatures
  • Fully Supports SecureLine for sending outbound encrypted email messages.
  • Works well in the narrow space available to a Widget.

With the email folder and email composition Widgets, you save time by managing your inbound and outbound email directly from a Workspace, without the need to use the Full WebMail interface.


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