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Lock down your Filtered MX Logic Email

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Email filtering services provided by MX Logic works by having your email delivered to their filtering servers first (because your DNS MX records point there).  Once filtered, their servers will deliver the messages to your email servers for ultimate delivery to your INBOX or other folders.

If a spammer knows what your “actual email servers” are (often because they didn’t change after adding MX Logic filtering), they can bypass your costly and very good filters by connecting directly to your email servers, thus taking the filtering servers “out of the loop”.  What can you do?

To plug up this route for unwanted email, MX Logic recommends that you “lock down” your email server so that it only accepts inbound email from them and denies all other inbound email.  By doing this, if mail didn’t come through your filters, it will not be delivered to your mailbox.  This is a good thing to do — however, not everyone has the capability of locking down their email servers correctly or in way that doesn’t disrupt their outbound email.

LuxSci’s Premium Email Filtering service is provided through our long standing partnership with MX Logic.  As part of this service, we automatically lock down delivery of email for customers protected by this service.

So what is new?

LuxSci now supports:

  • Locking down mail delivery from MX Logic even if you are purchasing  your MX Logic services through an MX Logic  reseller other than LuxSci.

It is now easy for customers getting MX Logic services through a third party to host email with LuxSci and have their mail delivery properly locked down.

Customers interested in configuring this will find a new page under their Domain Administration area in the “Inbound Email Tools > Inbound Port Lock Down” page.


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