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Web and PDF Form Submissions Saved to a MySQL Database

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LuxSci SecureForm is an easy way to add or enhance security and/or functionality to web and PDF forms you to use to collect important information. This service has been expanded to now store your submitted form data directly to a MySQL database hosted at LuxSci!

SecureForm storage in MySQL is compatible with LuxSci HIPAA-compliant account services.

Easy and Robust

  • Automatic — Each form submission is automatically saved as a new row in your MySQL database
  • No database setup needed — the database table used for storage is auto-created and auto-managed by the SecureForm system so that the columns needed for data storage are created on-the-fly.
  • Remote database access — your MySQL database is remotely accessible so that you can access and manage your submitted form data from anywhere. Remote access can also be via SSL.
  • Works with any web or PDF form!
    • Works with any form field names — no matter what your field names are, what language they are in, or what special characters may be in them, the data will be saved properly to your database with a clear mapping between the MySQL table columns and the original form field names.
    • Unlimited storage* — Your MySQL database tables are not limited in storage size, except as per the disk space available on your server.
    • Store raw uploaded FDF or PDF files (up to 15 MB in size) from your PDF forms.

* Database storage counts towards your purchased disk space or the space available on your dedicated server.

What can you do with MySQL-saved form data?

Having your data in a MySQL database permits easy and automated integration with remote systems for downloading or processing form data.

  • Write programs that connect to your database to manage the form submissions in an automated manner.
  • Customize the form data storage table by adding your own fields and indices.
  • Have a separate copy of all form submissions for an archival record.
  • Add your own form data rows to your data storage table.
  • Delete form data rows from the storage table as needed, or edit and mark them as “processed”.

How to get started?

To get started, you need a LuxSci account that has both the SecureForm service and web hosting with one or more MySQL databases.

If you already have a LuxSci web hosting account, you can upgrade SecureForms and Databases using your Upgrade wizard.   If you have a “Stand Alone” SecureForm account, contact LuxSci Sales to upgrade.


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