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Smarthosting happens when you connect your existing email server to one of LuxSci's email servers so that all outbound email sent by your users is relayed though LuxSci and then out to the Internet.

Individual users who employ WebMail or an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird which is configured to connect directly to LuxSci are not smarthosting, but are using WebMail or direct SMTP for outbound email.

Why use smarthosting?

  • Your ISP will not allow your mail server to send outbound email, or limits the quantity of email that can be sent.
  • The IP address(es) granted to you by your ISP have a poor reputation and result in your outbound email being considered spam-like by your recipients. (This happens even with public cloud servers.)
  • You wish to hide the IP address of your mail server using IP address masking.
  • You need to ensure that all outbound email is Archived, or secured for HIPAA compliance.
  • ...the reasons go on and on

Simple Smarthosting with High Volume Email

If your needs are simple -- you need a good mail relay that won't restrict your sending capacity and you might also need IP address masking -- you can use LuxSci's High Volume email service.

  • Pay based on the number of recipients your users can send to over the course of a month.
  • Get a username and password
  • Configure your server to relay your email though LuxSci using that username and password for authentication (with SSL or TLS support).
  • Specify the addresses or domains that your users will send from.
  • ... that's it!

Advanced Smarthosting

If your smarthosting needs are complex (e.g. involving encryption, compliance, tracking, etc.), you would:

  • Purchase a Premium High Volume email account with the appropriate services and numbers of users needed (one per sender being smarthosted).
  • Setup these users on LuxSci and configure them as needed.
  • Specify one of them as a "smarthosting" user.
  • Configure your email server to relay outbound email through LuxSci using this special "smarthosting" user's username and password.
  • The mail will be relayed as if the LuxSci user in your account whose username matches the "from" address of the sent message was the sender.

Advanced smarthosting allows outbound processing and tracking of messages with rules and settings specific to each individual user.

Starts under $10/mo

"Since starting with LuxSci, I have had the pleasure of nothing less than professional, timely and highly knowledgeable support and assistance for all my broadcast email needs. And after assessing my growing email demands, LuxSci's servers have proven a perfect fit for Syngenuity. Thanks!"

—Robert Fleischmann

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