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LuxSci SecureForm is full-featured, regardless of where your email or website is hosted.

Free PDF Form Hosting


Secure hosting for your PDF forms

For each of your PDF SecureForm configurations, you can upload the PDF form that goes with it. We will host this file for you and provide you with a secure link that you can use to access it.

  • Unlimited accesses from anywhere
  • Link protected with SSL (links of the form: https://...)
  • Links brandable with your domain name, if you have Private Labeling)
  • 20 MB size limit per PDF (contact support if you need larger)
  • No additional fee for storage or access to these hosted PDFs



Securely transmit web (HTML) form data over SSL

Securely transmit PDF form data over SSL

HIPAA compliant web form submission and processing

HIPAA-compliant PDF form submission and processing

At-rest encryption in Email, SecureChat, MySQL and WebAides Documents

SSL-encrypted form posts without purchasing your own certificate

Enforceable security policies to ensure a secure end-to-end process

Anti-virus scanning of uploaded files

SecureForm uses ClamAV (which is updated hourly) to scan all uploaded files. Any form submissions with suspect files will be rejected.

Block web (HTML) form spam and abuse

Limit, deny, or allow form posts by IP address

Block unwanted posts to your web forms via:

  • Optional Form Spam blocking without CAPTCHA (requires that the end user have JavaScript enabled and performs extended validation checks on the submitted data to block spam bots).
  • Optional HTTP referrer checking
  • Optional IP address allow and deny lists
  • Optional per-IP address rate limits; cut-off IP address(es) if limit exceeded over 24 hours.

SSL, SFTP, and other security measures are optional (except for HIPAA)

Form configuration


Web (HMTL) form submit via HTTP POST or GET

Web Forms: Custom success and failure pages

You supply links to your own success and failure web pages; the end user is shown these once the form posting completes. For PDF forms, you supply your own success and failure PDF documents to be displayed to the end user once the form post is complete.

PDF Forms: Custom success and failure PDFs

You can upload a PDF to show on successful form submission and, optionally, one to display on failure.

The success PDF can be a "template" so that form data can be re-filled back into it before it is sent back to the user. This allows you to either give the user a copy of the completed form or a personalized success page.

Ink Signatures: Capture hand written signatures in web forms.

Supports up to 25 files & 50 MB of data in each form post.

All posted files are automatically scanned for viruses; posts with viruses are rejected.

Integrate with client-side AJAX form submission

Forms can be configured to return only HTTP status codes (e.g. 200 for success, and 400+ for failure) so that your web site JavaScript processes can submit forms, know if the submission was successful or not, and then take further custom actions based on the result.

This "AJAX Mode" is useful for:

  • Auto-detecting and handling any kind of submission failure.
  • Performing "behind-the-scenes" form posts
  • Complex business logic
  • Continuing operation on the same page after the form post is complete (e.g. after re-drawing part of the page).
  • Any situation where you do not want to navigate away from the current page.

Suppress/skip selected form fields

Internationalization: all form data converted to UTF-8

Dynamically name refilled template files with field values and time/date stamps.

When using PDF or text template files, you can specify rules for file name creation so that each post can have a different or unique name. You can insert date and time data as well as content from the form post itself.

Enable form submitter to download his/her submitted web form data securely

You provide a Template (PDF or other format) and SecureForm refills it and saves that temporarily. SecureForm passes a link to your "Success" web form page; you display that link to your end user (the "Success" page must be dynamic and not plain HTML). The end user has one hour to download that file.
  • SSL is used for the download link if you are using SSL for your form posts
  • Branding is used for the download link if you have Private Labeling for your SecureForm
  • Only someone at the end-user's IP Address uses this special download link.
  • The temporary download expires in 1 hour
  • Compatible with Ink Signatures -- the signatures will be appended to PDF templates.

Note that you must have the ability to program your web form success page so that it can read the passed web address and display that to the end user as a link.

This feature only works with Web Forms.

PDF form submit via HTML, FDF, or full PDF document

Send to Email


Deliver posted form data to your email securely (TLS, PGP, S/MIME, or SecureLine Escrow)

Use enforced TLS Only, SecureLine Escrow, or PGP, or S/MIME encryption for secure email messages. Forced TLS and Escrow options requires a SecureLine license. Bring your own PGP or S/MIME certificate or have us generate one for you.

Receive data in plain text, formatted HTML, XML, and/or CSV (Excel) file

Email data to up to 10 recipients with optional individual encryption

Email data securely to address(es) submitted from your form

SecureLine can look at the value submitted in a specified form field to find the email address to which to send your form data. This email can be secured with SecureLine Escrow, no matter what the address is.

Customize subject line, 'From' name, and 'From' address for the form data messages

Dynamic subject lines for the form data messages using field values (except HIPAA)

Receive data as re-filled template file (PDF/HTML/XML/other)

Upload a PDF form and have the submitted data re-filled into the form fields and saved either as an editable or not-editable PDF. A file with place holders that are replaced with your form data on submission. This file could be HTML, XML, or any other textual format.

Receive data as complete FDF or PDF file

Send to SecureChat


Deliver posted form data to SecureChat

Receive via the SecureChat mobile apps and/or web interface

Collaborate on, annotate, and archive each post message.

Data encrypted during transmission and at rest

Send data to up to 10 recipients

Dynamic subject lines for the form data messages using field values

Receive file attachments submitted from your forms

Receive data in plain text, formatted HTML, XML, and/or CSV (Excel) files

Receive data as re-filled template file (PDF/HTML/XML/other)

Upload a PDF form and have the submitted data re-filled into the form fields and saved either as an editable or not-editable PDF. A file with place holders that are replaced with your form data on submission. This file could be HTML, XML, or any other textual format.

Receive data as complete FDF or PDF file

Save to MySQL, Documents WebAides, FTP server


Save data to MySQL databases for easy access

  • You can have your form posts saved automatically to your MySQL database
  • MySQL database provides automated secure remote access to form submissions
  • MySQL storage is automated so that no special database setup or maintenance is needed and it works with any web or PDF form.
  • Changes to your form fields are automatically reflected in the MySQL database, with no work required by you.

MySQL Encryption

Encryption at rest for MySQL-saved form posts.

You can optionally choose to have your MySQL-saved form data encrypted cell-by-cell using native-MySQL AES encryption commands using an encryption key unique to your form which is not saved in plain text anywhere on LuxSci. Use our "Online reporting tools" to view the encrypted data, or connect directly to your database and use MySQL AES_DECRYPT commands, together with your key, to access the data on demand.

Online reporting tools: View, search, sort, and download data saved in your MySQL database

Online reporting tools: Grant non-administrators read access to the data from specific forms saved in your MySQL database

Online reporting tools: Re-fill text/html- and pdf-templates from saved form data for custom formatted viewing, print, and download

Online reporting tools: Optionally permit deletion of post data.

Online reporting tools: Access to and deletion of your MySQL-saved form data is audited.

API Access to MySQL-saved form data.

Save form data to your FTP or SFTP server

Save form post data and files to a Documents WebAide (WebAide license required)

Optionally have form data, and all files uploaded, saved to a Documents WebAide — LuxSci's file storage service.

  • These WebAides are backed up daily and we provide free restores.
  • The data saved to these WebAides can be accessed securely any time from any Web Browser.
  • Export a combined CSV file containing all the data from any selected set of stored CSV data files.
  • Encryption: The data saved to these WebAides can be optionally PGP-encrypted so that the data is secure while stored and so that you are the only one with access to the raw form data.
  • LuxSci's web interface can generate PGP keys for you.

API, Reporting & Notifications


API: Query, Download, and Delete Form Post Data

If you are saving SecureForm data to a hosted database, you can use our API to query this database, download rows and files, and delete rows and files. The API functions make it easy to discover what posts are new or happened in a specific time frame, and to synchronize post data with your own external systems.

Email, Securechat, and text message notices of each form post, sent up to 10 recipients.

Specify custom 'From' addresses and dynamic subject lines in notification messages.

View and download detailed logs of successful form posts (IP address of user, time, secure or insecure?) and of failed posts.

Error notifications for form data processing problems



Private Label your own target post URL for SecureForm posts (requires SSL certificate & IP adddress)

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"Thank you for your willingness to accommodate my client's specific needs. I appreciate the considerable effort you put into adding a feature to SecureForm that supports PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat Professional. I think it's a valuable enhancement to an already great service, and I genuinely appreciate your hard work. Thanks again to the LuxSci team for being so responsive!"

—Rainer Freytag, Webmaster & Digital Artist,

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• Access Anywhere
• Fast and Robust
• Super Secure
• Tons of Features
• Customizable
• Mobile Friendly

Send and receive email from your favorite programs, including:

 Microsoft Outlook
 Mozilla Thunderbird
 Apple Mail
 Windows Mail

... Virtually any program that supports POP, IMAP, or SMTP

Keep your email, contacts, and calendars in sync:

 Apple iPhone and iPad
 Android Devices
 Windows Phone

... Any device with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support

Relay your server's mail through LuxSci via smarthost:

• Resolve issues with ISP sending limits and restrictions
• Improve deliverability with better IP reputation and IP masking
• Take advantage of Email Archival and HIPAA Compliance
• Even setup smarthosting from Google Apps!

Free web site hosting with any email account:

• Start with up to 10 web sites and MySQL databases
• DNS services for one domain included
• Tons of features and fully HIPAA capable

LuxSci's focus on security and privacy:

• Read The Case for Email Security
• Read Mitigating Security & Privacy Threats
• Review our Privacy Policy

The most accurate, flexible, and trusted filters in the business:

• Premium protection with Intel Security Saas
• Realtime virus database guards against the latest threats
• Seven-day quarantine lets you put eyes on every filtered email
• Supplement with our Basic Spam Filter for even more features

End-to-end secure email encryption — to anyone, from anyone:

• No setup required — encryption is automatic and easy to use
• Secure outbound email with TLS, PGP, S/MIME, or Escrow
• Free inbound encryption via our SecureSend portal
• Independent of your recipient's level of email security
• Widely compatible and fully HIPAA Compliant

Add an extra layer of security with an SSL Certificate:

• Secure your web site
• Debrand LuxSci WebMail with your own secure domain
• Access secure email services via your own secure domain

Encrypt your service traffic via secure tunnel:

• Add another layer of security to your SSL connections
• WebMail, POP, IMAP, SMTP, web/database access
• SecureForm posts, SecureLine Escrow, SecureSend access
• Restrict your account to VPN access only

Secure long-term message archival:

• Immutable, tamperproof email retention with audit trails
• No system requirements — minimal setup, even less upkeep
• Realtime archival of all inbound and outbound messages
• Works anywhere — even with non-LuxSci email hosting

Free data backups included with all email hosting accounts:

• Automatic backups of all email, WebAides, web/database data
• Seven daily backups and up to four weekly backups
• Unlimited restores included at no additional cost
• Custom backup schedules for dedicated servers

Automate your email management:

• Save messages to specific folders or to LuxSci WebAides
• Advanced text scanning with regular expressions
• Tag messages, alter subject lines, or add custom headers
• Filter by message charset, type, TLS status, DKIM status
• Chain filters together for even more complex actions

• Bulk add and edit users, aliases and more
• Control sharing and access globally or on a granular level
• Delegate user roles through permissions
• Configure account-wide taglines, sending restrictions, and more
• Remotely administer account via SOAP API

Share, collaborate, organize, synchronize:

• Calendars, Contacts, Documents, Notes, Widgets, Workspaces
• Fine-grained access control and security
• Access anywhere via secure web portal or smartphone
• Save over solutions like Microsoft Exchange

Free folder sharing for all email hosting accounts:

• Share mail folders with other users in your account
• Subscribe to only the folders you want to see
• Set read-only or read-write access control
• View all personal and shared folders via unified web interface

Color code and label your email messages:

• Define and assign multiple IMAP keywords to each message
• Filter, search, and sort by tags
• Compatible and synchronizes with any IMAP email client
• Also usable with WebAide entries