August 1st, 2013

High Security Dedicated Cloud Servers at Low Price

VPSNew LuxSci dedicated cloud servers start at $100/mo. This allows many more customers to take advantage of dedicated solutions, even a HIPAA-compliant one, without a big price tag.

See also Understanding Cloud Servers.

LuxSci has for a long time offered both dedicated physical servers, as well as dedicated virtual private servers located in our private cloud.  Now that we have signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreements with Rackspace for their public cloud infrastructure, we are able to offer dedicated virtual private servers that reside there … to all customers: those with compliance needs and those without.   The ease of public cloud server management and the low underlying cost of these solutions enables LuxSci to provide its services on them to its customers at a much lower price point than was previously possible. Now that we can support high security solutions in this infrastructure, it makes sense of us to offer it as a solution to our customers.

Pricing Examples

Here are some examples of how customers may be priced on a Basic VPS.  Of course, our prices scale to any specific number of users, amount and type of storage, and other services, such as Premium Filtering and Archival, Mobile Device Synchronization, etc.

Customer VPS Server Price
Small corporate account5 users, minimal storage – 5GB, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail email access

WebAides collaborations tools

Basic Spam Filtering

Standard backups

$107.50/mo  $100 setup
Small doctor’s office    HIPAA compliant5 users, minimal storage – 5GB, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail email access

SecureLine Encryption for all users

WebAides collaborations tools

Basic Spam Filtering

Standard backups

$110/mo  $100 setup$100 HIPAA Compliance Fee (one time)
Small corporate account: More storage5 users, 100 GB SATA storage, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail email access

WebAides collaborations tools

Basic Spam Filtering

Simple backups on a second 100GB SATA drive on the same server

$162.50/mo  $100 setup
Small HIPAA compliant web siteMinimal storage needs – 5GB, 1 administrative user, MySQL databases

SSL Certificate

Standard backups

$260/mo  $100 setup$100 HIPAA Compliance Fee (one time)

$149/yr for SSL certificate (unless you bring your own)

Small/Medium sized company 50 users, 100 GB Fast SSD Storage needed for email, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail email accessWebAides collaborations tools

Basic Spam Filtering

Backups only to a separate drive on the same server

$492.50/mo  $100 setup
Medium/Large medical practice   HIPAA compliant500 users, 1000 GB slow SATA storage for most users, 200 GB fast SSD storage for power users, websites and databases

POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WebMail email access

SecureLine Encryption for all users

WebAides collaborations tools

Basic Spam Filtering

Web sites, MySQL databases, SSL certificate

Backups to another dedicated backup VPS for this customer

$2250/mo  $200 setup$100 HIPAA Compliance Fee (one time)

$149/yr for SSL certificate (unless you bring your own)

About Basic Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Compared to Premium Virtual Private Servers (that run on LuxSci’s redundant private cloud infrastructure) or Premium Physical Servers (that are dedicated physical boxes at Rackspace … and not virtual servers):

  1. Quick Setup: Servers can be setup more quickly than any of our other server types.  A new server can be online in 1-2 business days, as opposed to 5-8 business days for other server types
  2. Public Cloud: The servers reside in the Rackspace public cloud
  3. HIPAA OK: Due to required HIPAA Business Associate Agreements with Rackspace, these public cloud servers can be used by customers that require HIPAA compliance.
  4. Low Price: The minimum price point is $100 for a Basic VPS … $400/mo less than the entry level price for a Premium VPS.
  5. Good SLA: Basic VPS come with a 100% network and infrastructure uptime SLA and a 1-hour hardware replacement SLA should there be an issue with the underlying host server.  See our dedicated SLA for more details
  6. Fast or Slow Disk: We can provision cheap SATA drives or more expensive but very fast SSD drives for your VPS – based on your need.  One server can even have multiple types of drives
  7. Scalable Disk: We can scale your storage to up to 10,000 GB of disk space on a single VPS.
  8. Scalable Power: We can scale the RAM and CPU of your server up with minimal downtime and no configuration or migration changes needed.
  9. Backups: Both our standard backups (7 daily on site, 4 weekly off site) as well as rolling server image snapshots are available, depending on your requirements
  10. Hardware Firewalls: Your Basic VPS will sit behind LuxSci’s redundant hardware firewalls and all traffic travels though the dedicated LuxSci environment, and not the Rackspace public cloud network
  11. Excellent IP Reputation: Your Basic VPS will have an IP address from LuxSci’s pool of good dedicated server IPs.  The IP address will not be associated with the “cloud” and thus will not have any reputation issues.

What server specifications are available?

The type of server that you require will be based on your usage patterns. E.g. number of users, size of web site, amount of email, power users vs casual users, etc.  Our Basic VPS servers scale from 1 CPU Core, 0.5 GB of RAM, and 10GB of usable space for very small accounts to 8 CPU Cores, 30 GB Ram, and 10TB of SSD storage for the largest accounts.

Which one is right for you, our technical sales staff will help you determine appropriate specifications based on your planned use of the server and what that will entail in terms of performance, backup, and other requirements.

Comparison of Server Types

We have a detailed comparison chart that shows how Basic VPS, Premium VPS, and Premium Physical servers differ.  Here is a short list of the most salient differences.

Feature Basic VPS Premium VPS Premium Physical
Price for smallest possible server $100/mo $500/mo $850/mo
Setup fee $100 $300 $300
Time from order placement and payment to going live 1-2 business days 5-7 business days 5-10 business days, based on specs
Location Rackspace public cloud, Rackconnected to LuSci LuxSci private cloud Rackspace physical server
Physical locations available Dallas, TX USAChicago IL, USA*Sydney, AU*London, EU* Dallas, TX USA Dallas, TX USAChicago, IL*London, UK*Sydney, AU*Hong Kong*
High Availability Hardware Firewalls yes* yes yes*
High Availability Hardware Load Balancers yes* yes yes*
Infrastructure and Network SLA 100% 100% 100%
Can host HIPAA-compliant services yes yes yes
Completely redundant networking no yes yes
Immune to failure of underlying hardware (e.g. cpu, ram, etc.)
E.g. by automatic movement of VPS to other servers on the event of hardware failure.
no yes no
Hardware failure / replacement SLA 1 hour Not needed 1 hour
SLA on availability of attached disk drives 99.9% 100% 100%
Underlying server may host VPS for other LuxSci customers yes yes not applicable
Underlying server may host VPS for other non-LuxSci customers yes no not applicable
Outbound bandwidth included 2 TB* 2 TB 2 TB
Public Network Interface speed 20Mbps to 300MbpsBased on server size 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Speed of disk arrays 15k SAS RAID 10 (OS)SATA RAID (Data)SSD RAID (Data) 15x SAS RAID 5 Your choice or SATA, SAS, SSD and RAID type or
Direct Attached Storage or SAN

*Locations other than Dallas are remote from our main install and will not have their own separate hardware firewalls and load balancers unless purchased by the customer.  Basic VPS in locations other than Dallas will also incur bandwidth usage fees.

Ordering and Quotes

To order a dedicated server or get a price quote, please contact sales.

For dedicated servers for use in bulk emailing, see dedicated high volume servers.  These are priced based on your sending quantity and capacity needed.

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