End-to-End Email Encryption

Email security

Made simple

  • No setup required — encryption is automatic and easy to use
  • Serves as both an automatic encryption and decryption gateway
  • Compatible with any email program and mobile device
  • Plugin for Outlook v2007+

Made flexible

  • Free inbound encryption via our SecureSend portal
  • Brand your portal and email notifications
  • Optional content-driven encryption
  • Optional encryption "out out" for HIPAA

What is SecureLine?

End-to-end email encryption for secure communications with anyone.

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SecureLine: End-to-End Email Encryption

A lot can happen on the digital path from sender to recipient. Hackers are finding more ways to intercept and scan emails for sensitive or confidential information, so it's important to take the necessary precautions. To ensure your emails are always private, especially those holding confidential information, you want to protect your cyber presence with an advanced end-to-end secure email encryption. LuxSci's SecureLine provides an encrypted and secure solution for emails to be sent from any customer to any recipient. SecureLine is a comprehensive, easy-to-use email security solution for mobile devices, desktop applications, and LuxSci's WebMail. SecureLine is also HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant, making it the perfect solution for medical and health care professionals when sending ePHI messages.

Email Encryption Services

LuxSci's SecureLine is a simple, secure email system for advanced email security. There is no special hardware or software needed, and there is nothing your recipients need to install. SecureLine is linked with the SecureSend Portal, our free web-based service that allows anyone to send you encrypted emails for free. SecureSend works independently of your their email systems inherent security or lack thereof. Our flexible settings give you control over the encryption method for your secure emails. Send outbound mail with TLS, PGP (PKI), S/MIME (PKI), or ESCROW encryption. You can receive emails from any program or web service, and you can select a different method of encryption for each recipient as appropriate. LuxSci's SecureLine is a quick and user-friendly service that can keep you out of harm's way on the web.

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