Selected Testimonials

We have received hundreds of quotes and testimonials from our cutomers; here are a few of them.

"In the age of web-based services it can be more than frustrating to get help when you need it. LuxSci stands above the rest and is the most responsive support group anywhere—beyond 5 stars or any other measure. We are in the legal arena where our communications and web presence is critical. If you are looking for reliable, consistent, 1st class service - look no further."

—Patrick O'Malley . Resolution Strategies LLP

"LuxSci provides rock-solid HIPAA compliance for our company. They are prompt, professional, and always go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met. The amount of customization and personal service we receive from LuxSci far exceeds any other company we have worked with."

—Thomas House . Marketing Manager . Eye Consultants of Atlanta

"We at Big IT, Inc., were looking for a HIPAA-compliant email encryption solution to offer to our clients and are grateful we came across LuxSci. It was easy to set up, the support experience has been great, and it has worked from day one!"

—Timothy Cormier . Big IT, Inc.

"We were looking for a reliable host, with emphasis on securing our client's data, and LuxSci was a great fit. The LuxSci team is superb with their support, always quick, very responsive and highly professional. The server itself is robust and fast. And most importantly, it provides the level of security we were looking for."

—Nathan M. . Site administrator, and

"The LuxSci team has been phenomenal to work with and provide an excellent solution to the security needs of the electronic world. Their customer service was top notch, consistently offering quick and professional responses to our questions and requests. Our project required creative solutions to meet our specific needs. LuxSci consistently exceeded our expectations. I fully recommend them to anyone looking for electronic security solutions."

—Nicole Hiegl . High Country Area Agency on Aging

"LuxSci offers a very comprehensive secure hosting solution for healthcare organizations who must navigate complex HIPAA regulations and safeguard their patients' data. Not only is the site well secured and monitored constantly—the site loads quickly, operates reliably, and we have been thrilled with the immediate response from support staff when the occasional question comes up or we are in need of more advanced support on the development side. I highly recommend LuxSci's products and services."

—Nathan Schmidt, Summit Home Medical Equipment

"I received an email from another user in our LuxSci account. It was strange because it didn't make sense and was old news. I called the other user and they denied sending me anything. I contacted support at LuxSci and they took my concern seriously and worked with me to diagnose and fix the problem. Turns out they uncovered a virus on our other computer, and an out of date email program that had been hacked and was sending out messages. There were 4 different LuxSci people on my problem and they were very responsive and very tech savy without being intimidating. All on the same page too. Awesome support when it mattered and really smart people too. Very glad to be a LuxSci client!"

—Rich Whisler . Accurate Radon

"After testing many services available, I realized we needed a customized solution for our data collection. I spoke with several form building providers and decided on LuxSci. We have had the LuxSci form service for a month now and it has been wonderful! LuxSci has their support for customers very streamlined so their whole team stays updated on any customer request. I highly recommend LuxSci!"

—Joni Allen, Operations Director, Rolling Strong Wellness Program

"LuxSci is a very unusual company in the respect that if you ask support for a technical help, NOTHING is ever insurmountable to them. From a 1 to a 10, they are twelve!"

—Tim Hughes, United Conduit Securities

"We would recommend LuxSci for Spam filtering to anyone looking for a reliable mechanism that will enhance your security. When things go wrong or are below an acceptable service level, there is always lots to say and complain about. For the last 10 years or so we have never had a single service issue with LuxSci's Excellent (with a capital 'E') service."

—Azam Ali, TAGZ Limited

"We use your High Volume SMTP service for our automated invoicing and purchase confirmations, so it is a critical part of our business. Your High Volume SMTP has been the most reliable we have used. The technical and sales support have been timely, efficient, and effective. I highly recommend."

—Leonard S Rann, Tradavo

"These are incredibly challenging times for medical practices. Ever increasing regulations and ever decreasing reimbursements continuously assault the ability of a practice to profitably deliver high quality patient care. We opened our practice nearly 3 years ago and LuxSci has been with us since day one. At this point, we can easily say that choosing LuxSci as our provider is one of the single best decisions our practice has made.

LuxSci delivers rock solid reliability, outstanding customer support, extensive feature sets, comprehensive security controls, a powerful rules engine, and flexible frameworks.

By leveraging LuxSci's offering, we have been able to stay ahead of the regulatory curve, maximize our operational efficiency, reduce our risk profile, and achieve the level of quality we aspired to when opening the practice."

—Adam Goode . Practice Administrator . Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Group, P.C.

"LuxSci is the ultimate in email, not only in terms of products but also in service. From a business perspective LuxSci provides unparalleled account administration and control over spam and viruses. You won't even know all the things that are possible with email until you check out LuxSci's multitude of special email services and products. They can also integrate web hosting with your email account."

—William Hopwood, Florida Atlantic University

"Since starting with LuxSci, I have had the pleasure of nothing less than professional, timely and highly knowledgeable support and assistance for all my broadcast email needs. And after assessing my growing email demands, LuxSci's servers have proven a perfect fit for Syngenuity. Thanks!"

—Robert Fleischmann . Syngenuity

"Your HIPAA-compliant hosting services are awesome, working exactly like we envisioned. Pricing is very fair and support has been wonderful! Would definitely recommend you."

—Jeff Deitch, President, InfoWerks Data Services, Incorporated, Pharmacy Data Security and Retention

"Thank you for the prompt response times. In all my years of dealing with hosting companies, not a single one can top the customer service LuxSci provides. Not only is the response time quick, but your replies are concise, to the point and actually helpful. That is a big difference compared to your competitors out there. It is a pleasure working with LuxSci."

—Gregory Somers, Webmaster and Developer, MJS BioLynx Inc. | Chromatographic Specialties Inc.

"As an ISP, we were looking for an email solution that offered ease of use, a feature-rich format, one that could configure to the wide array of devices that our customers use for access, as well as one that would allow us to scale in a cost-effective way.

LuxSci's package gives us everything we need - their software along with customer support and training options - which can all be updated to grow right along with our user base.

Their willingness to work with us and "tweak" things to accommodate our needs was outstanding; we have a complicated footprint - more complicated than even I expected. There is no platform in the world that could have been better suited to us and our requirements. LuxSci didn't just install a standard "box" solution, but rather took the time to understand our unique requirements for a globally distributed mail system with particular security and reliability requirements and custom-built the system just as we needed.

So, if you're looking for an email solution, anywhere in the world, that's literally "custom-built" to meet the needs of your users and the requirements of your IT staff, look no further."

—Bob Durbin, CEO of TransAfrica Networks

"LuxSci has been a pleasure to work with. The level of support we've received from them has been top-notch. From the smallest user issue to complex custom work, LuxSci has delivered service far above what I expected. Best of all, uptime with LuxSci has been 100%."

—David Cayem, DelphiForums

"LuxSci's cutting-edge email security solutions have been absolutely critical to my business. Hotmail has gone down, Yahoo has gone down, my ISP's servers have crashed ... but LuxSci has remained up. This is one of the best services I have ever used. Furthermore, they provide the finest support that I have ever received for any service, ever, for anything that I've ever purchased. It goes well beyond professional - this is a gold-plated service. I'm impressed."

—Nathan Dornbrook, Senior Security Consultant, ThruPoint

"LuxSci consulted and developed a distributed database to support a web portal for one of our largest clients. It was an extremely complicated project involving database design and sophisticated scripting to integrate web forms with the back-end database. LuxSci provided outstanding quality work, on time and under budget. What I find most impressive about the company is the fact that they always anticipate challenges and proactively recommend alternate and more effective solutions. LuxSci is by far one of the best web consulting firms I have worked with."

—Mark Miller, Vice President of Audience Strategies, Directech|eMerge

"I spent weeks scouring the Internet for companies that offer a complete set of secure email services - HIPAA compliance, secure IMAP, and secure SMTP in particular. LuxSci provides the most comprehensive security offering that we have found. LuxSci takes email security very seriously. I would recommend them to anyone interested in security, confidentiality, and privacy in their email communications."

—Brenda K. Burton, President of MedExtend, Inc.