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"I Started with LuxSci in 2008 to provide secure email for my clinical practice. Their suite of communication products and capabilities is remarkable and has expanded steadily during the last 12 years. But the most unique aspect of LuxSci is that they provide the most competent, responsive and personable technical support I have EVER experienced. There is not even a close second. It's that resource that makes them accessible to even small companies that require sophisticated security and privacy controls on their communications. Call them. Don't bother with anybody else."

—Robert Burr MD

"I have been with LuxSci for several years now. We needed a HIPAA-compliant service for my law firm and I continued to use them personally. LuxSci has a variety of email-related services and its support team is very diligent and prompt in responding to any questions or needs."


"Using Luxsci to secure my email for my small therapy business has been a game changer! I did not know it was possible to have a seamless email integration that allowed me to use my current email address but in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way. I am so grateful! Thanks LuxSci!"

—Erica Wollerman . Thrive Therapy Studio

"LuxSci provides a very high quality, HIPAA-compliant email service. I really like their support. They always respond very promptly to any support issues. Their web-based email client is very powerful, buy yet intuitive and easy to use. I recommend them highly!"

—Mark Singh . Blue Hills Medical Associates

"In the age of web-based services it can be more than frustrating to get help when you need it. LuxSci stands above the rest and is the most responsive support group anywhere—beyond 5 stars or any other measure. We are in the legal arena where our communications and web presence is critical. If you are looking for reliable, consistent, 1st class service - look no further."

—Patrick O'Malley . Resolution Strategies LLP

"We spent two months searching for a provider that would have both great security features and provide excellent support. We needed encrypted email, encrypted forms, and secure video technologies. Once we picked LuxSci, we experienced their team to be excellent, very knowledgeable, and quick to provide responses. Early on, we had a couple small changes we had to make, and the support was very helpful and very efficient. Since then—no issues! This is our first venture in to a partnership like this and we are very pleased."

—Terry Sparks . Administrative Coordinator . Scottsdale Bible Church

"LuxSci does a good job on support and are quite responsive. I'm just an end user but I probably push the boundaries of support as I script my own server-side PHP scripts and other files. Also I have to build & maintain websites myself, so I really rely on LuxSci tech support to tell me how to fix stuff. Note that I recieve no financial gain thru this endorsement: i've just been using LuxSci for at least 8 years or so for multiple websites."

—John Krawczyk . Flow Simulations

"Fantastic support. Went above and beyond to get me what I needed in a timely manner. With great communication throughout which was great!"

—Lucas Zampetti . SET SEG Inc.

"LuxSci provides rock-solid HIPAA compliance for our company at a reasonable cost. They are prompt, professional, and always go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met. The amount of customization and personal service we receive from LuxSci far exceeds any other company we have worked with in the same price range."

—Thomas House . Marketing Manager . Eye Consultants of Atlanta

"We at Big IT, Inc., were looking for a HIPAA-compliant email encryption solution to offer to our clients and are grateful we came across LuxSci. It was easy to set up, the support experience has been great, and it has worked from day one!"

—Timothy Cormier . Big IT, Inc.

"We were looking for a reliable host, with emphasis on securing our client's data, and LuxSci was a great fit. The LuxSci team is superb with their support, always quick, very responsive and highly professional. The server itself is robust and fast. And most importantly, it provides the level of security we were looking for."

—Nathan M. . Site administrator, and

"Russell and the LuxSci team have been phenomenal to work with and provide an excellent solution to the security needs of the electronic world. Their customer service was top notch, consistently offering quick and professional responses to our questions and requests. Our project required creative solutions to meet our specific needs. LuxSci consistently exceeded our expectations. I fully recommend them to anyone looking for electronic security solutions."

—Nicole Hiegl . High Country Area Agency on Aging

"I was having a "hair on fire" moment regarding URL ownership; it was a scam but I needed Peter from Luxsci to verify. Quick, to the point, and calming response made my day! Thank you!"

—John Glanville . Athenaeum Capital Partners

"LuxSci has provided fast, reliable email hosting for us since 2009. I have always been impressed by the fast and competent service I have received from their support department, and the online Help Library is super helpful when I'm setting up a new device."

—Josh Stiller . Guelph Toyota

"All of the people at LuxSci have been incredibly helpful as we've set up our new email service. All of our questions have been answered, and we appreciated the guidance at each step of the process from purchasing to getting up and running. We appreciate the quick response times, helpful follow up, and clear directions from the people we've talked to along the way."

—Rachel Currie-Rubin Learning Solutions for Learning Success

"LuxSci offers a very comprehensive secure hosting solution for healthcare organizations who must navigate complex HIPAA regulations and safeguard their patients' data. Not only is the site well secured and monitored constantly—the site loads quickly, operates reliably, and we have been thrilled with the immediate response from support staff when the occasional question comes up or we are in need of more advanced support on the development side. I highly recommend LuxSci's products and services."

—Nathan Schmidt, Summit Home Medical Equipment

"LuxSci always gives the best customer service and are always available when I need them. They respond to trouble tickets ASAP and are always very patient and friendly when you speak to someone."

—Stephanie D., Acclaim Recovery Management

"I received an email from another user in our LuxSci account. It was strange because it didn't make sense and was old news. I called the other user and they denied sending me anything. I contacted support at LuxSci and they took my concern seriously and worked with me to diagnose and fix the problem. Turns out they uncovered a virus on the other computer, and an out of date email program that had been hacked and was sending out messages. There were 4 different LuxSci people on my problem and they were very responsive and very tech savy without being intimidating. All on the same page too. Awesome support when it mattered and really smart people too. Very glad to be a LuxSci client!"

—Rich Whisler . Accurate Radon

"I created a SecureForm with LuxSci and Zach helped me through the ENTIRE process. I even created a PDF template so that my SecureForm can be opened on my end in a format I am used to reading instead of plain text. Now my clients just hit a Submit button, instead of downloading and attaching a PDF form. He made it super easy. He was there for me when I had questions. I really appreciate the service that I received. The timing and critical for me to achieve my goals."

—Joanne Williams . Next Generation Psychology

"Luxsci has exceeded my expectations every single time. I know that sounds like hyperbole... or that perhaps I may just have lower expectations than you. Rest assured, my expectations are high. I am a long time veteran of all things I.T., yet I realize that I am merely scratching the surface. Whenever I need to interact with a tech company, I invariably end up having to explain what I need in a less technical way. Not so with LuxSci, in fact, in some cases, I have learned something new! As a tidy little wrap up, LuxSci has such low prices, that when we were looking around for a HIPAA-compliant email provider, it wasn't even a second thought... Luxsci For The Win!"

—S. Gonzales . Los Coyotes Drug

"Since we started using LuxSci SecureForms, we were finally able to let our clients to sign up through our website and stay HIPAA-compliant. It is awesome how much you get for such a low price. WebAides and SecureSend are included and allow us to easily let our partner physicians send us information securely without the hassle of setting up and training everyone. There are many options out there, but once you add the word HIPPA, the price skyrockets—not with LuxSci though. We made a good choice."

—Jacob Rodriguez, I.T. Support, Healthcare2U

"When one runs into a snag, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is ever a problem for LuxSci to resolve in a very timely manner."

—Tim Hughes, Founding Principle & Sr. Managing Director of United Conduit Securities

"After testing many services available, I realized we needed a customized solution for our data collection. I spoke with several form building providers and decided on LuxSci. We have had the LuxSci form service for a month now and it has been wonderful! There were several additions I later realized I forgot to add on the form and LuxSci was able to implement those changes very quickly without any disruption in our workflow. We were so happy with the first form, we asked for a second one for another process and LuxSci had that one ready very quickly! LuxSci has their support for customers very streamlined so their whole team stays updated on any customer request. I highly recommend LuxSci!"

—Joni Allen, Operations Director, Rolling Strong Wellness Program

"My experience at LuxSci has been excellent! For a novice it was not easy to start using the type of service they are offering, but because of their excellent service and IT support I was able to quickly get up and running. I highly recommend their product!"

—Jurgen B Jansen P.T. C.L.T. M.D.T., Director of Rehabilitation

"LuxSci is a very unusual company in the respect that if you ask support for a technical help, NOTHING is ever insurmountable to them. From a 1 to a 10, they are twelve!"

—Tim Hughes, United Conduit Securities

"Being able to get someone on the phone after hours to sort out issues promptly is promising in every respect."

—Simon Smithson, Cortexo

"It is always refreshing to work with a company that values customer service and LuxSci has repeatedly demonstrated this! For our Secure Forms, each and every time we have a question, issue or modification needed, LuxSci's technical and sales personnel are quick to assist, communicate and most important, resolve our issues! I will continue to use LuxSci and will not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues and friends!"

—Rob T . eHealth Technologies

"The big picture is that you guys are absolutely doing it right in my view. Your platform is flexible and easy to use. Your team is quick to respond to tickets and your technology is solid. I couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out using your outbound email servers."

—Brad Butler, COO of Halloween Express

"LuxSci has exceeded our expectations in every way. Setting up the account was very simple. The different rates for the amount of mail you wish to send makes it easy to pick the plan that best suits your needs at a affordable price. Customer Service has been attentive when needed. Most importantly the mailing has gone very smoothly and without interruption. I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend LuxSci to anyone looking to improve your mailing needs. Thank you LuxSci."

—Dax Kirks . Best Buy Windows and Siding

"We would recommend LuxSci for SPAM filtering to anyone looking for a reliable mechanism that will enhance your security.

When things go wrong or are below an acceptable service level, there is always lots to say and complain about. For the last 10 years or so we have never had a single service issue with LuxSci's Excellent (with a capital 'E') service."

—Azam Ali, TAGZ Limited

"I've been using the LuxSci email service for well over ten years. Its unfailingly reliable and high quality - and this applies to the service itself as well as to the technical support. Most of my family use the service as well. Like a good electricity provider, LuxSci is always there for us and always on.

I also used the LuxSci web hosting and domain management service for four years - for the business I was managing at the time. Like their email service, LuxSci web hosting and domain management offerings are reliable 24/7 and functionality-rich, yet offered at a very reasonable cost.

I would not hesitate to recommend LuxSci services to anyone who wants decent, reliable, always-there email and web services - wherever they reside in the world."

—Rob Mayo

"LuxSci's services have exceeded my expectations without a doubt. They get your email and domain hosting up and running extremely quickly, even if your business must comply with HIPAA standards.

Their WebMail interface is very powerful in terms of user customization, but intuitive and easy to learn. You don't have to search the Internet for help on topics, or wait 24-48 hours for a trouble ticket reply which normally results in little progress.

Every time I have opened a ticket, because I need a copy of the BAA agreement, or I have a question about email security, I get a response very quickly, as in a few hours tops. You cannot get this type of service with other hosting providers, and definitely not if your business must meet HIPAA requirements.

Finally, they have a wealth of educational knowledge on their site and blogs, which proves their credibility in online security and HIPAA matters. You know you are in good hands when the CEO knows what 'TLS' means!"

—Adam O.

"I've been using LuxSci for almost two years now, and during that time I've had numerous interactions with the staff, from sales to billing to support to the CEO himself. Without exception, each and every interaction with every employee has been an absolute pleasure. Being a professional software developer myself, I can be hard to please and can smell BS and canned answers from a mile away, but I've never had any of that from LuxSci. My questions to support have been answered promptly in full (always by a highly knowledgeable person), my concerns addressed, my feature requests taken seriously, and some have even been implemented within a relatively short time frame. In my twenty years doing business on the Internet I have never received as professional a service from all departments of a company as LuxSci has given me. I've got just a single account, and still I get the royal treatment.

The email and web hosting services they provide are also rock solid. In my two years a customer, I remember only a single, short-lived, service outage. I opened a support ticket as soon as I noticed it, and received a reply within ten minutes--at 4 o'clock in the morning their time. I was provided a full explanation of the situation and was informed that problem was actively being worked on by the engineers. No hosting company can avoid outages completely, but the truly great ones keep their customers in the loop when something does go wrong, as soon as it happens. LuxSci is one of those companies.

In short, if you're looking for the best email and web hosting company for yourself or your company, look no further than LuxSci. These guys blow everyone else out of the water with rock solid reliability, give you more security features than you can shake a stick at, respect your privacy, and provide truly professional, timely, highly knowledgeable customer support to boot."

—Peter V. H.

"When I first got my LuxSci account, the sales staff were extremely helpful in setting up my HIPAA account and operations were seamless. At one point, I lost the need for the account and canceled it. When I again needed a HIPAA e-mail account and called LuxSci, again the staff was extremely helpful and the setup fee was waived since I had been an existing client. Imagine my surprise in this day and age having a company care for their clients on such a personal basis. Again, the operation of the HIPAA e-mail is seamless. Thanks LuxSci."

—Randall Duncan . D and D Transcription Services

"Wonderful immediate advice - even on Christmas day. Directions were clear and effective and I learned from them."

—Joan Freeman,

"Every time I needed support with LuxSci's Secure Email solution the technical staff at LuxSci found the solution very quickly. They always get to work on a ticket immediately. They always give a status update in the ticket system which also notifies via email. Opening and updating a support ticket is very easy. We are very pleased with the Secure Email product and the support team."

—Andy Groll USAmeriBank

"As a dentist, I'm glad I found LuxSci to walk me through the process of becoming HIPAA-compliant! Once I signed up, Connie and Peter both helped me setup get situated with my secure email service. Getting my Business Associate Agreement also a snap. Thank you LuxSci. Now I can concentrate on treating patients!"

—Allen Job, All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

"I recently started my own law firm, Lusk Law LLC, and chose LuxSci as my e-mail service provider. I couldn't be more satisfied with LuxSci's services. The e-mail system has been up 100% of the time, and I've had no technical issues at all. What's more, my clients appreciate that our email exchanges over the LuxSci system are over secured lines and that, if need be, they and I have the ability to send encrypted e-mails. I feel I'm getting good value for the money."

—Mike Lusk . Lusk Law LLC

"We use your High Volume SMTP service for our automated invoicing and purchase confirmations, so it is a critical part of our business. Your bulk SMTP has been the most reliable and cost effective I have used. The technical and sales support have been timely, efficient, and effective. I highly recommend."

—Leonard S Rann, Tradavo

"LuxSci's email service is outstanding. The service is fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective. Users can refer to the comprehensive help system to enable them to customize the extensive range of services provided. In addition, LuxSci will happily adapt its solutions to suit a customer's requirements. LuxSci provides prompt, detailed, and helpful support that is extraordinary. In conclusion, LuxSci provides a professional email service that is exceptional."

—D. R., UK

"These are incredibly challenging times for medical practices. Ever increasing regulations and ever decreasing reimbursements continuously assault the ability of a practice to profitably deliver high quality patient care. We opened our practice nearly 3 years ago and LuxSci has been with us since day one. At this point, we can easily say that choosing LuxSci as our groupware provider is one of the single best decisions our practice has made.

LuxSci delivers rock solid reliability, outstanding customer support, extensive feature sets, comprehensive security controls, a powerful rules engine, and flexible frameworks. All at a very reasonable price.

By leveraging LuxSci's offering, we have been able to stay ahead of the regulatory curve, maximize our operational efficiency, reduce our risk profile, and achieve the level of quality we aspired to when opening the practice."

—Adam Goode . Practice Administrator . Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Group, P.C.

"LuxSci is the ultimate in email, not only in terms of products but also in service. From a business perspective LuxSci provides unparalleled account administration and control over spam and viruses. You won't even know all the things that are possible with email until you check out LuxSci's multitude of special email services and products. They can also integrate web hosting with your email account."

—William Hopwood, Florida Atlantic University

"My email problems disappeared the moment I signed up with LuxSci several years ago. My only problem with LuxSci is remembering how to contact them. This is a problem for me, because LuxSci's service is so reliable, it is literally years between support requests and I forget what to do. In the very few and infrequent instances when I did need to call, I got fast and clear answers to my questions. If all of my technology vendors were as easy and reliable as LuxSci, I would hardly ever be grumpy."

—John Gellman, John Gellman Photography

"I am very happy with your email and domain services that I have been using for several years. The website and support information is the best I have ever seen and just keeps getting better. Thanks for the great job. "

—David Hale

"You are exceeding expectations. I have been very impressed with your organization. From sales and billing to tech support, everyone has been very responsive and knowledgeable. Most problems are resolved during the first contact. Thank you for your dedication to service and excellence. I will be recommending you without hesitation."

—Jason Brown, Trinity Medical Associates

"I just wanted to say thanks to all the great support and sales people I've dealt with from LuxSci. Our website launched this weekend nearly flawlessly and had great help from your support department. Keep up the good work!"

—Bryan Patrick, Website Administrator, CentrePointe Counseling, Inc.

"Again you have made things easier, and I cannot begin to tell you and your colleagues that LuxSci has far and away the best tech support/customer service I have ever encountered."

Dr. Mark Zitlin

"After being a long time customer (under several different companies), I haven't had any problems with my LuxSci services, and I bet you folks don't hear enough that you're doing a spectacular job running the hardest service on the Internet. I rarely think about LuxSci, as my mail just works, which ultimately means absolute success in my book. Keep it up!"

—Ike Levy

"Since starting with LuxSci, I have had the pleasure of nothing less than professional, timely and highly knowledgeable support and assistance for all my broadcast email needs. And after assessing my growing email demands, LuxSci's servers have proven a perfect fit for Syngenuity. Thanks!"

—Robert Fleischmann . Syngenuity

"LuxSci's service is the best I have ever had. As a developer I need a solid system, amazing. Keep up the good work."

—Vittorio Palazzo

"I had a few startup problems but they were solved within a few hours, which is great compared to the support I usually see from other companies. Now everything works as I expect and I am very satisfied with your products and support."


"I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your extraordinary customer service. With your support staff helping me work through an email problem I had the single best customer service experience of my life, period! He was competent, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, persistent and effective. I'm not one to write notes to services providers, this is my first; but your technician was truly exceptional. "

—Joe Cunningham, Chairman & Founder FX Bridge Technologies Corp.

"The most impressive aspect of LuxSci is definitely the quality of customer support--I've been very, very impressed by your responsiveness, communication skills, consistency and quality. As far as I'm concerned, your customer service sets the standard, and I'm pretty familiar with most of your email provider competitors. You guys have blown me away with quality of customer service! You also score really well against your web hosting provider competitors too! Thank you for listening and continually improving things...I'm looking forward to seeing your continued positive evolution and success. Keep up the great work!"


"I LOVE your HIPAA-compliant services...I tried several before I found LuxSci, and they didn't hold a candle to yours!!! I am a VERY satisfied customer!"

—Brandi Houser, Action Transcription

"We have been very happy with the HIPAA-compliant services, especially the customer support. Doing well!"

—Nate McVay . Lifecare Oklahoma

"LuxSci is an exemplary choice...I'm paying for confidence and security a free email service can't provide."

—John R.

"I have been very happy with the products & services. They have exceeded my expectations thus far because whenever I need something, I can either easily find the answer myself, or if not the telephone tech support is extremely helpful. Thanks!"

—Chris Lynch, Agency Tech Specialist, Capital Financial Partners

"The transition from our old Exchange server to LuxSci went very well. Users are happy with the WebMail interface and the performance. We certainly appreciate the very helpful and prompt support of all of you guys at the help desk. Part of the sale to our management was the excellent availability of quality support. Thanks."

—Rick Buccheri, Patuxent Companies

"I just want to say how happy I am with your service. My email works perfectly, and my IP isn't published on my outgoing messages. LuxSci's SMTP is the fastest I've ever had. I love it, its amazing. Thanks!"

—Bill Fuller

"I'm very pleased with the features, HIPAA-compliant services, and support available from LuxSci. Each encounter, whether electronic or human, has been impressive. The LuxSci online documentation covers a broad range of HIPAA-compliance subjects, allowing me to research my questions as my schedule permits. Support personnel are extremely knowledgeable and always professional."

—John Littleton

"Your standard and HIPAA-compliant hosting services are awesome, working exactly like we envisioned. Pricing is very fair and support has been wonderful! Would definitely recommend you."

—Jeff Deitch, President, InfoWerks Data Services, Incorporated, Pharmacy Data Security and Retention

"Just want to say that I appreciate your excellent customer service. I also very much like the way you list the support tickets on the account and with great explanatory details. A lot of companies could learn from your example of friendly, professional, and very helpful customer service - that's the way it should be! Thank you!"

—Cheryl Blaker

"I have been very happy with LuxSci -- I especially like the peace of mind I have regarding HIPPA compliance and the privacy of my sensitive information. The product is easy to use and does what I need."

—Leslie Malin, LCSW-R, Alchemy of Aging

"I'm very satisfied with the service. I find the support articles to be very well written and informative, and even a pleasure to read."

—Rick Bowes

"I can't tell you how happy I have been with LuxSci's support. You guys have been really on top of things, and obviously have great tech skills. Thanks a lot for your help!"

—Charles Snipes, Owner, DataTriangle

"I would like to commend LuxSci on its hosting services. I have tried many other lower cost shared hosting plans but yours definitely outshines theirs in features, and more importantly, operates flawlessly each and every time!"

—Richard Pressinger, President, ReadingKEY

"The servers are super fast, the WebMail responds quickly, and everything is secure - I couldn't be happier."

—Tom W.

"Before your tech support took our call, I was close to throwing my computer out the window. We had given up after calling Microsoft and another tech company were both unable to resolve the Outlook issue. I thank you for your help on a problem we could not solve! We greatly appreciate your assistance and would like to have your home and cell phone number for the next crisis. Only kidding. Thanks again."


"So far we are very happy with the HIPAA-compliant email services LuxSci provides, and our experiences with your support personnel have been very helpful."

—Tara Krol, President, Managed Care Consultants, Inc.

"Based on the timely and helpful responses to my support issues, I feel that I made the right decision to become a customer earlier this year. LuxSci is definitely a quality, customer-oriented business."

—Kevin Smith

"Your support staff has saved me from email disaster twice! I setup Thunderbird with LuxSci on my PC and it then froze repeatedly; my IT person attempted to fix it but to no avail. Several hours later and highly frustrated, we called LuxSci. The tech we spoke with had an impressive knowledge base, perceived our mood very well and communicated with a perfect balance between friendly and professional. He was articulate, gave clear concise directions and made sure we followed along. Most importantly, he resolved the issue and successfully managed our frustration so well that we walked away inspired to send you this compliment. The second time I messed up my inbox in Thunderbird by dragging folders into it and doing other things. A different tech helped me 'reverse engineer' all I had done. It was clear he knew your product inside and out.and again professionally managed one seriously frustrated client. I am happy to find out it was not LuxSci causing the issues, and that your staff person was sharp enough to tease out and fix each of the many components that was ruining my day. Our take away from these episodes is that LuxSci hires really good people. Thank you LuxSci--your superb staff are a great reason for us to keep using your services."

—Adam, CEO,

"Thank you for the prompt response times. In all my years of dealing with hosting companies, not a single one can top the customer service LuxSci provides. Not only is the response time quick, but your replies are concise, to the point and actually helpful. That is a big difference compared to your competitors out there. It is a pleasure working with LuxSci."

—Gregory Somers, Webmaster and Developer, MJS BioLynx Inc. | Chromatographic Specialties Inc.

"Thank you for your willingness to accommodate my client's specific needs. I appreciate the considerable effort you put into adding a feature to SecureForm that supports PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat Professional. I think it's a valuable enhancement to an already great service, and I genuinely appreciate your hard work. Thanks again to the LuxSci team for being so responsive!"

—Rainer Freytag, Webmaster & Digital Artist,

"You all have awesome patience, are kind, know your stuff, and even issued a refund when I didn't ever realize I needed one! What more could be expected? The white papers are well written, don't require prior knowledge, and they don't conclude without addressing the topic fully. I am looking forward to exploring and learning everything LuxSci has to offer. So please, keep up meeting and exceeding my expectations."

—Christine Nelson

"I am happy to say that we have had a very positive experience with your products. With the help of your support team and your support library resources, this is going well. I am very impressed and pleased to find such excellent support! We made the right decision when we decided to go with LuxSci for HIPAA-compliant email hosting."

—Angie Duran . VNA El Paso

"I'd like to thank your technical support staff who helped me finalize my email setup. I have to tell you, they could not have been more pleasant or helpful--their professionalism and willingness to help was outstanding!!! All too often, all we hear about are the negative encounters. So, I just had to let you know what a fantastic job your employees are doing for your business. They represent you well, as I have been impressed with everyone I have encountered at LuxSci. Your business has made mine a lot easier and your staff made my day by helping me with the configuration. I think they went 'above and beyond' the norm--again, thank you so much! You guys are the best!"

—Nick Howard, Owner, Top Pots

"This is a great company with outstanding customer service-- their people have been so prompt and helpful. The knowledge base is extensive, detailed, and also very helpful. It's me that's not really savvy enough to take advantage of everything LuxSci has to offer for my web hosting, but for right now, the email hosting has been awesome. I've been impressed and humbled by the time and energy Technical Support has spent on my email. I was floored and in awe that on a Saturday night when I was in need of some tech help, that people were getting back to me within minutes helping me resolve my email issues (on a Saturday night!!). That's when it really hit me that you guys go way above and beyond. Thanks so much!"

—Meg Simone, Meg Simone Films

"Company executives usually only hear customer complaints when a situation needs to be escalated from customer service. It's rare when we hear good things about employees--that's why I'm writing this. I had an important issue with my email client that needed to be resolved quickly. I had already spent over an hour trying to get it to work with your system, but apparently there was a file that need to be deleted. That's when LuxSci Support staff came to the rescue. Your technician spent considerable time with me troubleshooting the situation. He was very patient and calming, and helped me to get over my frustration. He explained the problem and figured out what we needed to do. By the time we finished up, I was a happy camper. In my opinion, all companies should have dedicated employees like yours who take the extra step to resolve issues and make customer feel like there is nothing more important than helping them. Your support staff should be given all the recognition that is so deserving."

—I.I.A., The Forms Group

"Skip your typical Tier 1 - Tier 3 support levels! As far as support goes, you guys are Tier 4. You are very knowledgeable and willing to explain things clearly."

—Jeff Staten, Go1on1

"Over several years, I have been consistently impressed by the skill and dedication of LuxSci technical support. Recently I had no email as a result of the failure of servers used by one of the largest European domain suppliers. LuxSci succeeded in devising a tailor made solution that addressed not only the original problem but also another issue that had been caused by the domain supplier trying to correct the original failure. I was particularly impressed by the fact that LuxSci support, faced by a complex problem created and then compounded by another organization, simply would not give up until they delivered a solution."

—R. B. of London, England

"As an ISP, we were looking for an email solution that offered ease of use, a feature-rich format, one that could configure to the wide array of devices that our customers use for access, as well as one that would allow us to scale in a cost-effective way.

LuxSci's "Platform" package gives us everything we need - their software on our servers, along with Customer Support and Training options - which can all be updated to grow right along with our user base.

Their willingness to work with us and "tweak" things to accommodate our needs was outstanding; we have a complicated POD - more complicated than even I first thought. There is no "platform" in the world that could have been better suited to us and our requirements. LuxSci didn't just install a standard "box" solution, but rather took the time to understand our unique requirements for a globally distributed mail system with particular security and reliability requirements and custom-built the system just as we needed.

So, if you're looking for an on-site email solution, anywhere in the world, that's literally "custom- built" to meet the needs of your users and the requirements of your IT staff, look no further."

—Bob Durbin, CEO of TransAfrica Networks

"I just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome service! Great feature-set, good prices, excellent support, high service levels, you guys have it all."

—Arnon Weinberg, Back2Front - The Web Site People

"I don't use WebMail often, maybe once every other month or so. I'd just like to say I really like the new WebMail look and it runs a lot faster then the old system. I have been a customer for the past 3 years and have been very pleased with your product and feel I am getting my moneys worth...time for you guys to start looking into the ISP market because the service I get from you is better then any of the ISP's I have seen to date. Kudos and thanks!"

—Steve Aiello, Aiello Appraisal Service, Fresno, CA

"After using LuxSci for only a few months now, I feel I must let you know that the quality of service is truly outstanding and indeed beyond my expectations. LuxSci has all the features I need. The fully fledged and powerful email composition screen which impresses me most; I also no longer receive any spam in my INBOX, thanks to your Email Defense. Your customer service is one of the best. I am amazed to see that some of my questions have been answered in less than an hour and that the responses were fully detailed and to my satisfaction. Email runs in your veins, I must say. Though not an inexpensive email service, in my opinion, I must say that with the service I am getting, LuxSci is worth every penny I spend. I intend to keep LuxSci to serve my default email address with my own domain for the rest of my life. Salutations to Dr. Erik Kangas and LuxSci staff. LuxSci truly deserves its meaning --- you are truly the light of knowledge in the world of emails."

—Muhammad Sakhawat Hussain, Translator Policeman, Abu Dhabi Capital Police Directorate

"It seems strange that anyone would rave about a 'simple' Email Provider? Seriously, what's there to do, other than pass along emails and house them on a server? Well, that's what I used to think, too...before I set up my account with LuxSci.

The tools offered by this company to handle enterprise and mail order emails are simply fantastic: custom filters that route your email seamlessly, backup/restore services, aliasing and a set of Junk Mail tools that truly makes the SPAM disappear before I even see it. My incoming mail has been reduced from 300 per day to 30 with no 'False Positives'. No email program has ever come close to this level of accurate SPAM filtering.

Perhaps more important is the Customer Service. You're far more likely to wait a matter of minutes, rather than days for a response to a problem. You'll never hear from a Robot, and they actually provide REAL answers to your issues. I've yet to receive the typically condescending, 'Well you need to contact your Email Software Provider'. These guys know their stuff and are more responsive than a 9-11 call.

Am I raving? You betcha. They deserve it."

—Rich Lucibella, Publisher, S.W.A.T. Magazine

"I've had lots of different mail services and I've got to say that yours is amazing. Spam filtering is terrific. I've never been happier. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be spreading the word!"

—Rob Rettberg, TheOtherStudio

"LuxSci has been a pleasure to work with. The level of support we've received from them has been top-notch. From the smallest user issue to complex custom work, LuxSci has delivered service far above what I expected. Best of all, uptime with LuxSci has been 100%."

—David Cayem, DelphiForums

"I email to commend LuxSci's excellent email and web services, which in my opinion, are similar to a well-built German motor vehicle. Very reliable technology with constant innovations (but no gimmicks) and slick WebMail. Moreover, never before have I experienced such swift customer service. Most emails are replied to within minutes at all times of day. Keep up the good work!"

—Rick Wild

"LuxSci is the best hosted email solution I have used. The diligence, customer focus and hard work to maintain a great service is compelling. If you want a great email solution with great support - use LuxSci."

—James Hammersley, CEO, Win! Consulting

"Over the course of the last two weeks I have been working with LuxSci to configure secure email for two domains - one for our Homeowners Association and another for our family. I spent a few days researching e-mail providers. I was very fortunate to have found LuxSci. LuxSci provides the absolutely most reliable and secure e-mail service I could find at a very reasonable price and LuxSci's support is absolutely first class! They worked with me to add third party SSL certificates for all of our e-mail. Everything works very smoothly and the administrative interfaces are fantastic. I want to thank LuxSci for an excellent job well done."

—Chris Clark, Potomac Bend Homeowners Association

"We are a networking solutions company that provides services to small and medium sized businesses, many of which need secure and reliable email solutions. We found LuxSci after several hours of web research. Most hosting companies offer email as an afterthought and their support and range of email services reflects that. LuxSci is totally different. The first account we transferred to them was complex, but we had a response to our first technical inquiry in five minutes. Since then, we have switched our own account and several of our clients to LuxSci. They all have different needs and levels of complexity, but LuxSci has handled every request quickly and correctly. None of our accounts have had ANY downtime. As a technical company, we also appreciate the monthly newsletters and constant additions of new features and services. In our fifteen plus years of business, we are usually reluctant to recommend companies without reservations--LuxSci is a notable exception."

—Steve Fuller, CS III

"LuxSci is an exceptional resource, their support and service offerings are first rate, robust and reliable. Having suffered through a number of flaky e-mail/web hosting companies over the years, some very large names, LuxSci is a breath of fresh air. I was pleased to find a hosting company that 'gets it' and provides services that are crucial to my business, but not common in the marketplace - primarily a well run secure POP/IMAP/SMTP service and excellent configurable spam-filtering tools that allow me to view and adjust my quarantine. The support for SPF DNS records is much appreciated as well. I recommend them to my friends and clients without hesitation. My sincere thanks and compliments!"

—Steve Olshansky, Principal, LuminaGroup

"Thank you very much for getting my service setup so quickly. Within an hour from subscribing to the email-only service, I was up and running. The site was very intuitive and easy to use, so I was able to configure my account rapidly. Also, I want to praise your company for your customer service response. For all of my inquiries/tickets, I got satisfied responses very quickly. Some responses were within minutes. Lastly, your email-only service is very competitively priced. I will recommend you to everyone, especially since I am an IT web consultant working for many fortune 500 companies. Last company I worked with was Sony Pictures and am currently working as a consultant at"

—Bryan Beam of Inc.

"LuxSci has been absolutely critical to my business. Hotmail has gone down, Yahoo has gone down, my ISP's servers have crashed ... but LuxSci has remained up. This is one of the best services I have ever used. Furthermore, they provide the finest support that I have ever received for any service, ever, for anything that I've ever purchased. It goes well beyond professional - this is a gold plated service. I'm impressed."

—Nathan Dornbrook, Senior Security Consultant, ThruPoint

"I am extremely satisfied with your security features and with the extent of knowledge of your support staff. You provide a solid, reliable service and also manage to continue to add more thoughtful features -- all at a reasonable price."

—Kevin Rasmussen, Co-owner, Keo Scientific Ltd.,

"I've been fortunate (maybe unfortunate) to work with a lot of different hosts and I must tell you guys... I simply have never experienced the level of service you provide, nor the amazing speed with which you handle support issues. I'm simply amazed at how easily I've been able to get things set up, and am sitting here just in shock at how quick you guys are. Kudos for you, there are plenty of other hosting companies out there that could take a lesson from you all."

—Candy Beauchamp, OffAssist

"The Internet and my web site have grown to become essential components of my business. The expertise and support that LuxSci continually delivers is crucial to maintaining the worldwide contact I need to succeed. LuxSci provides peace of mind!"

—Brian Skerry, Brian Skerry Photography

"Everyone knows that technology isn't perfect and I think that the true test of a service provider is how they react when the unexpected happens. LuxSci has always kept me informed of exactly what is going on and I'm very happy with the service I've received. Keep up the good work!"

—Dominic Fitzpatrick

"I wanted to congratulate you on your service; the reduction in Spam is incredible, and the speed of delivery is stunning. I am recommending you to all of my friends and associates! You can quote me on that!"

—Victor Pikula, CTO of Mobile Media International

"Well, I've been with LuxSci Email hosting for a few months, and true to say I've found them faultless so far. Was a bit nervous to begin with going with a Foreign provider. What sets them apart for me is their attention to detail. Always keen to ensure the Customer is kept informed at all times. Unlike the experience with my old provider. Really a first class effort, fantastic features and great value too!"

—Dave Nunn, United Kingdom

"Wanted to thank you for offering a very fine service. For the last 8 years I have been managing my own Exchange Server, server-side virus checking, and Spam control. I have now switched to your service and am getting a much better level of service, at lower cost of operation. In particular I am very pleased with the performance and availability of your servers, and with the effectiveness of the SPAM control that you offer. My e-mail load has dropped dramatically due to better elimination of SPAM."

—E. C., Sacramento, California

"When the company I work for was searching for a good email system we found our way to LuxSci and were very impressed with how helpful their staff was in assisting us. Shortly after obtaining service, I built a web site for the company. I needed some help uploading the site and once again was so impressed with how helpful everyone I spoke to was. Since then, I have signed up with LuxSci for my personal email and to host 2 additional web sites that I have. There are no delays with LuxSci; everything is handled efficiently and easily. I am very happy with this service and would recommend LuxSci to my friends and family."

—Carol Ray

"I just wanted to say that LuxSci is DEFINITELY the best hosting company I've ever used for email. They have real features, not glitz, especially in terms of security and unbelievable support! That is what I like here; keep it up!"

—Adam Kanis

"We are frequently approached to endorse companies offering a wide range of email services at The Real Estate Library. To date, we've declined, because frankly they did not deliver the expertise needed to support their lofty claims. Not so with LuxSci. If you need sophisticated email services and hosting, you need look no further. Contact LuxSci today, ....we did."

—Michael Schaffer, President, The Real Estate Library Inc.

"After working with LuxSci for two years, I've personally felt that they are one of the most responsive organizations I've ever had the pleasure of working with; they have gone above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. I highly recommend them to companies seeking email outsourcing services."

—Rick Gates, President & CEO of Net Assets

"The excellent service offered by LuxSci is unequaled. Not only does it offer robust and flexible solutions, but their technical support is fast, professional, and understanding. In an industry full of improvised and unprofessional providers, LuxSci is a true model to be followed."

—Cesar Pinera, Mexico City, Mexico

"It is hard to find services that are as flexible and inexpensive as yours, much less one that responds as quickly as you have. It reflects a level of professionalism and pride in one's work that I'm sure will be evident in your future service. I am looking forward to working with your company for my client and hopefully others as the need arises."

—Alan Mishell, President A-LAN Computing Solutions, Inc.

"LuxSci excels in its quality of service, its professionalism, and its caring and responsive customer support! I get offers from friends and business associates all the time to move my web and email services to other providers, many of which would be free, but I would NEVER leave LuxSci! I tell everybody that I know about LuxSci and how much "bang for the buck" we're getting. It's almost "too good to be true", but I honestly feel you guys are just simply put... DIFFERENT."

—Brenda K. Burton, President of MedExtend, Inc.

"IMAP is the best kept secret in Email. It is the quickest and most efficient way to manage your Email; you decide what messages will be retrieved to your machine, whereas with POP you will be forced to wait through lengthy mail downloads to get to the messages you know are important. The IMAP methodology is helpful for power users who might desire multiple mailboxes (for example, some messages they might want kept on their home machine, whereas others belong on their work machine). LuxSci goes the extra mile in delivering a secure line of communication with their servers. If people knew that their interaction with most other mail service providers was exposing their mailbox password to anybody who happens to be eavesdropping on their network connection, I suspect many would be thinking twice about using anything but IMAP and SSL. And LuxSci is presently one of a very few mail hosting companies who offer just that plus the option of a functionally robust browser interface."

—Steve Boriotti of Security Appraisers

"We are particularly pleased with the close personal contact and fast response we get with LuxSci."

—John S. Waugh, Institute Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and President of The International Magnetic Resonance Society

"I use the LuxSci WebMail client for my business... [The people at LuxSci] are amazing and have taken very good care of us. I appreciate their good work; we have had no mail problems since we switched to their setup."

—Erik Peterson, Yanntek, Inc.

"LuxSci consulted and developed a distributed database to support a web portal for one of our largest clients. It was an extremely complicated project involving database design and sophisticated scripting to integrate web forms with the back-end database. LuxSci provided outstanding quality work, on time and under budget. What I find most impressive about the company is the fact that they always anticipate challenges and proactively recommend alternate and more effective solutions. LuxSci is by far one of the best web consulting firms I have worked with."

—Mark Miller, Vice President of Audience Strategies, Directech|eMerge

"What I really appreciate about LuxSci is that the services are comprehensive, yet modular and easily configurable in small increments. This is particularly important on the non-profit site I have hosted there. And, if I need more, I can add it quickly and efficiently - I don't need to jump to a $99/month package just to add database support."

—Thaddeus Badowski, Webmaster of Pathways Gallery

"LuxSci provides reliable backups, efficient spam-filtering, and first-rate customer service. Although the last anti-spam service I used was offering IMAP accounts, customer service was only provided through an e-mail list, and I couldn't get information about basic issues like storage and backup. LuxSci even re-wrote some of the code for the WebMail to provide better compatibility with my Mac OSX web browser."

—Graduate Student, Temple University

"I want to thank you for your service! It is high quality and very easy to set up. Now, my fiance and I have our own domain and email addresses to manage and use for life, regardless of any changes we make to our ISP. I'm also really happy with your customer service."

—Micah Kleit, Editor, Philadelphia, PA

"I originally came to LuxSci for email hosting, and started a simple web page which turned from a joke to a public craze of visitors almost overnight! I was able to upgrade bandwidth and disk space without having to call someone or wait 2-3 business days for my changes to take effect. I've tried free web hosts and expensive web hosts (over $250 a month) that still don't allow instant upgrades and changes to users accounts. I've never had comparable service to LuxSci either! These guys never sleep!"

—Aaron Tucker, Oooers

"Thank you for helping me get my site up and running on such short notice. You are a ROCK STAR! LuxSci is the best decision i could have made. I am VERY satisfied!"

—Marcos R. Lara, Public Internet Project

"I spent weeks scouring the Internet for companies that offer a complete set of secure email services - HIPAA compliance, secure IMAP, and secure SMTP in particular. LuxSci provides the most comprehensive security offering that we have found. LuxSci takes email security very seriously and their prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone interested in security, confidentiality, and privacy in their email communications."

—Brenda K. Burton, President of MedExtend, Inc.

"Thanks so much for your overnight response to my customization request! It's such a pleasure to have a real person who's both knowledgeable and easy to contact when there is a problem. So far, my Lux Sci experience has been great! Keep up the good work."

—Brandon Harris, Network Administrator, MOBILTRAK, Inc.

"For me, the LuxSci order placement and account design tools offer a rapid process of dynamically adding users, domains or disk space. For my clients, your WebMail service is the first one to meet their needs while also sporting a user-friendly interface. I look forward to working with you again!"

—Brian Thomas, Systems Consultant

"I just found the coolest email portal - LuxSci's Mobile Site... lightweight, fast, secure, and standards-compliant. And the best part? It comes with Apache, mod_php, DNS, IMAP, SSH 'n' more at a price even a broke college student can afford!"

—Bruce Nourish, Physics Student

"LuxSci provides best-in-class service and an incredible robust offering for all of my personal email and web hosting needs. I highly recommend their services to anybody that needs ultra-reliable solutions."

—John Penney, Executive Vice President; ACTV, Inc.