Secure Email Services

Secure Email Marketing
Secure Marketing
HIPAA-compliant email marketing
Leverage ePHI for marketing with a higher ROI
The only fully compliant & scalable marketing service
High Volume Secure Sending
Secure High Volume Sending
HIPAA-compliant High Volume sending
Send email via SMTP and API
Compliance & security at scale
Email Hosting
Secure Email
HIPAA-compliant email hosting for day-to-day email
Sending, Receiving, & Storing Email
Encryption, Filtering, Archival
Smart Hosting
Secure Connector
HIPAA-compliant SMTP connection
For outbound email from Google and Microsoft
Smart hosting for your existing email hosting solution

We were looking for a reliable host, with emphasis on securing our client's data, and LuxSci was a great fit. The LuxSci team is superb with their support, always quick, very responsive and highly professional. The server itself is robust and fast. And most importantly, it provides the level of security we were looking for."

Nicole Hiegl . Site administrator, and