Secure Email Marketing for Healthcare

Transform patient engagement by using email marketing. In today's digital-first world, consumers expect email communication from companies they interact with, and the healthcare industry is no exception. LuxSci's Secure Marketing platform enables healthcare marketers to use tactics like segmentation and personalization to send the right messages to the right people at the right time without sacrificing security or compliance.

HIPAA-compliant Email Marketing Features

LuxSci's Secure Marketing is designed to meet the HIPAA requirements of the health care industry. It also includes everything marketers need to design, send, track, and achieve a solid return on investment from email marketing.

Each customer has a dedicated cloud infrastructure and deployment of Secure Marketing for increased security, isolation, and performance. In addition, Secure Marketing is equipped with LuxSci's SecureLineTM encryption technology, which allows administrators to select the right level of encryption to meet compliance and usability needs. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest for full HIPAA compliance.

Secure Marketing Interface

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FAQ: What to Know About Secure Email Marketing

Yes. LuxSci Marketing uses SecureLineTM encryption technology to encrypt all email messages. You can leverage ePHI to create highly targeted recipient lists and customize messages for specific patient populations.

Sending outbound email via LuxSci's API or via direct SMTP is not available with Marketing accounts; these are features of LuxSci's Secure High Volume Sending service.

It is possible to have a combined account that includes both Marketing, SMTP, and API sending features — Contact Sales for a custom quote.

Users will login to your dedicated LuxSci Secure Marketing web interface. There, you can upload and manage your contacts, mailing lists, and email campaigns. Secure Marketing's intuitive interface and predesigned content blocks make it easy for individuals with limited technical expertise to create and send emails.

LuxSci Secure Marketing contains professionally designed, responsive email content blocks that can be used to create a campaign email. You can also customize content using the drag and drop editor or import campaign templates from the internet. The content blocks included with Secure Marketing are compatible with mobile devices and popular email clients. You can also host an unlimited number of images on the platform to use in email campaigns.

Yes, LuxSci's Secure Marketing platform allows you to preview and test email messages before sending your campaigns. The SPAM checker function evaluates your message for SPAM-like content so that you can edit the text and maximize deliverability. The platform also allows you to split test campaigns to determine which messages are most effective.

Secure Marketing enables you to use email marketing in a truly HIPAA-compliant manner. Secure Marketing includes campaign reports and statistics to help you understand campaign performance. These reports include:

  • Who opened which emails; when; from where; on what device/OS?
  • Who clicked on what link when; from where; on what device/OS?
  • How many bounces and why did they occur?
  • Who unsubscribed and marked the message as SPAM?

With Secure Marketing, you are limited by the number of contacts that you have in the application; you can send unlimited email messages to these contacts.

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