Security & Privacy is Central to LuxSci's Mission

The Internet is a powerful communications vehicle, though it presents serious risks when you rely on it for business. Security risks exist beyond the perimeter of your organization. Security breaches and privacy dangers secretly grow like weeds within the ranks of employees and within others who have privileged access to sensitive data. Unauthorized access, whether you are aware of it or not, may be inevitable in this day and age. But, how do you mitigate that risk? What steps do you take to protect your data?

Most service providers offer a minimal level of security and protection. Most vendors who claim to protect your data merely provide a veneer, a basic level of security and privacy that fails to service the pivotal needs of a modern organization.

With LuxSci, the security of your communications is at the very heart of our founding principles. Security has been our main focus since inception in 1999. We have been offering HIPAA-compliant email services as far back as 2005. In the years since, our security offerings have deepened and have tracked the changing compliance landscape. As proof, LuxSci's services are HITRUST CSF certified for HIPAA compliance and GDPR.

Whether you are communicating with your internal users, with and associates at the other end of the Internet, or with patients, LuxSci will help you keep your data and communications safe. We enable secure communications: email, marketing, texting, web forms, and web hosting.

Why Security is Essential...

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LuxSci Infrastructure Security

LuxSci's server infrastructure includes, among other things:

  • Redundant network firewalls
  • Server segmentation at the networking layer
  • Server-level software firewalls
  • Server-level anti-virus scanning
  • Server-level intrusion detection
  • Configurable a user- and account-level access control lists
  • Disk-level encryption
  • Pull-based on-site and off-site automated backups

LuxSci's servers reside in very high performance, high security, HITRUST and SSAE16-certified data centers.

Additionally, LuxSci's DNS services are resilient to denial of service attacks:

See DNS at LuxSci -- Not your "Daddy's" DNS!

Privacy and Non-disclosure Policies

In addition to our access controls, which allow you to specify who can see your information, LuxSci has very strict privacy and non-disclosure policies. Our operations and support staff will not access your sensitive data without your prior consent.