Secure SMTP Connector for Healthcare Email

Using Google Workspace for healthcare email is not possible without using a third-party tool for compliance. Microsoft Office 365 can support encryption for HIPAA compliance, but it is difficult to configure and requires users manually enable encryption on a per email basis. LuxSci's Secure Connector is unlike other secure email gateways in that it encrypts every email automatically to reduce the risk of breaches caused by human errors. LuxSci provides the flexibility to opt-in to more secure methods of encryption for highly sensitive messages.

Learn more about how to configure Secure Connector email encryption for Google and Microsoft.

What is a Secure Email Gateway?

Email is a significant threat vector, and many organizations are realizing that their basic accounts need to be more secure to address cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Secure email gateway tools offer a seamless solution to these problems. They enhance the security of your email accounts by adding a layer of protection to protect the data flowing into and out of employee inboxes.

LuxSci's Secure Connector is an email gateway tool that automatically encrypts all outgoing messages to prevent data leakage and insecure sending. Secure email gateways are an excellent way to strengthen the security of your accounts without changing email providers, migrating data, or training users. If you are concerned about increasing risks to sensitive data, secure email gateways offer a simple and effective way to enhance your email security.

SecureLineTM Encryption Technology

LuxSci's SecureLineTM encryption engine automatically encrypts every email sent from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 accounts. It works like this—messages are securely transmitted to LuxSci via SMTP. Then SecureLine encrypts the emails according to your settings before securely delivering them. SecureLine is extremely flexible and encryption settings can be configured to meet a variety of security, usability, compliance, and deliverability needs.

Secure Email Gateway

Secure Connector Features

In addition to encrypting every outbound email, Secure Connector has additional security and compliance features that include message delivery reporting; SPF, DKIM, and DMARC support; dedicated servers and clusters; and support for email archival.

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FAQ: What to Know About Secure Connector

In just a few short steps you can configure Secure Connector for your organization. LuxSci's highly rated support team is also available to assist with set up.

Secure Connector customers can send up to 300 email messages/day (this can be upgraded if needed); customers can send each message to up to 1000 recipients. Secure Connector customers cannot send bulk email of any kind. For email marketing and large-scale sending needs, we offer a separate High Volume Secure Sending service. We can add this service onto your account.

Yes. LuxSci SecureLineTM enables you to send compliant email to anyone with an email address. Your recipients do not need to use LuxSci themselves.

To reduce the risk of sending unencrypted messages, LuxSci automatically encrypts every email for HIPAA customers. If some messages do not include ePHI, you can choose to opt-out of using encryption for them. LuxSci does not support opt-in encryption (where you manually specify which messages need encryption) for HIPAA-compliant accounts, because it's too risky for HIPAA compliance. We do support opt-in encryption if you do not need HIPAA compliance.

When you send an email message, it is transmitted securely to LuxSci's servers using TLS. Once the message arrives, LuxSci encrypts the message for each of your recipients and then delivers the encrypted message to the recipient's email servers. Based on your account preferences, who the recipients are, where their email host is, and settings in your account, the encryption used can take the form of: SMTP TLS, Secure Message Pick Up (Escrow), PGP, or S/MIME. The type of encryption used is determined at send time.

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