How is LuxSci HIPAA Compliant?

LuxSci has been offering services that can be used in a HIPAA-compliance context since 2008. LuxSci's services contain (as included or optional features) all of the appropriate controls that may be required or desired to help you meet your business' HIPAA-compliance requirements. These include items such as: transport encryption with appropriate ciphers, at-rest encryption, software and hardware firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus scanning, server segmentation, unique access controls and access auditing, breach reporting, proper media disposal, disaster-recovery plans, etc.

Furthermore, LuxSci performs its own:

  • Yearly internal HIPAA review
  • Yearly external HIPAA review (ask for a letter of attestation)
  • Yearly internal risk analysis
  • Yearly risk analysis of all of the services it provides
  • Yearly risk analysis of vendors and partners
  • Yearly penetration tests
  • Weekly external and internal network and vulnerability scans of all servers
  • Frequent external vulnerability scans of from by 2 different vendors
  • Continuous internal staff training on security and HIPAA
  • ... and much more

Finally, LuxSci is currently engaged in becoming HITRUST CSF Level 3 certified in HIPAA and GDPR. This certification is expected to be complete by Q3, 2020.

Vendors' BAA

As required by HIPAA, LuxSci has explicit Business Associate Agreements in place with all its vendors that could come into contact with your ePHI. They include:

  • RackSpace Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers—our data center provider.
  • RackSpace Public Cloud
  • Excel Micro—our partner delivering for Proofpoint Premium Email Filtering and Sonian Email Archival
  • SecureVideo—our partner for SecureVideo
  • NuevaSync—our partner for MobileSync
  • Mediprocity—our partner for SecureChat
  • Amazon AWS
  • CloudFlare
  • AlertLogic
  • SumoLogic
  • AnswerConnect—our phone call dispatch service

LuxSci BAA

LuxSci customers with HIPAA accounts must read, agree to, sign, and return LuxSci's HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and Account Restrictions Agreement. This version is updated with the provisions required by the Omnibus Final Rule.

Customers with HIPAA accounts can read these agreements and fill out the form to signify their agreement to these terms of service and to include their written signature, captured using LuxSci's Ink Signature technology.

Who should sign? To ensure HIPAA compliance, an officer of your organization with legal right to enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement should be the one to sign. If you have someone without sufficient authority sign (a Webmaster, for instance) the agreement, then it's possible you're failing to properly meet your obligations under HIPAA.

Can I modify the BAA? LuxSci does not generally accept customer-suggested modifications to its HIPAA BAA nor does LuxSci sign customer-provided BAAs. For customers with a strong need who are purchasing our Enterprise Custom level of services, we can negotiate the BAA. LuxSci ensures that the spirit of its BAA is consistent across all customers so that LuxSci can consistently abide by the terms of the BAA without needing to refer to many various contracts for every situation that may arise.


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