Promote Your Organization

  • Create themes to match your personal or company identity
  • Use your own logos, color schemes, and domain names
  • Use your own SSL certificate
  • Fully debrand our services to resell or present to your employees

Powerful Features

What is Private Label Branding?

White label our interface to suit your needs.

Watch the video to learn more.

FAQs: Perhaps you were wondering...?

Yes. However, you will need to order or bring your own TLS certificate if you want the secured web site addresses to be branded.

Yes. You can fully customize the header and footer of all pages.

No. You can use our private labeling "wizard" to create your own theme. With the wizard you pick your color scheme, upload your logo, and you are all set. If you do know HTML and CSS, you can make much more elaborate changes to the look of the user interface.

Yes. You still get full support. However, we do have an option called "Private Support Tickets" where any support tickets created by your own non-administrative users are directed to you and not us ... so you can be the support team for your people if you like.

Yes. With private labeling, you can choose to "fully debrand" the interfaces. This completely removes the word "LuxSci" from them. In order to remove LuxSci from URLs and server names you would also need to get your own TLS certificate(s) and dedicated servers.

Yes. You can customize the header, footer, and color scheme of the interfaces so that it does match your Web site's design ... at least in general.

Yes. If you have skill with coding, you can remove the default menus and replace them with your own menus.

Other questions? Call Sales

You are exceeding expectations. I have been very impressed with your organization. From sales and billing to tech support, everyone has been very responsive and knowledgeable. Most problems are resolved during the first contact. Thank you for your dedication to service and excellence. I will be recommending you without hesitation."

Jason Brown . Trinity Medical Associates