October 14th, 2011

Brand the Email Headers of your Outbound Bulk Email: LuxSci High Volume

Email message recipients can look at the source or headers of a received message and determine such things as:

  • What servers sent it
  • What programs were used to send it
  • What companies were involved in the sending

Often our High Volume Bulk Mailing customers do not want recipients to know that they are using LuxSci or High Volume — they would prefer that the sending be “branded” so that it looks like messages are coming from their own service and servers.

This email header branding service is now available to customers with High Volume dedicated servers.  It includes:

  • Hostname: Customizing the server’s “hostname” so that the messages appear to be originating from servers with your company’s domain name (e.g. rs999.yourcompany.com instead of rs999.luxhv.com).
  • Reverse DNS: Customizing the “reverse DNS” — your server’s dedicated IP address will look to be associated with your own domain name and not one of LuxSci’s
  • Abuse Email: An abuse reporting email address must be added to all headers.  However, with branding, you can have this address be in a domain that you own, even though the email messages would be configured to deliver to LuxSci’s abuse team.
  • Powered By: Replace the email header indicating that the sending was powered by “LuxSci High Volume” with your own tagline.

The price for branded email headers is $25/month/server.  To add this to an existing dedicated High Volume server or to a new High Volume server, please contact LuxSci Sales.

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