Administrative Control Panel

LuxSci provides an intuitive and centralized administrative control panel allowing you to manage your users, domains, websites, databases, billing, upgrades, private labeling, advanced administrative features, and more.

The control panel is accessible to administrators using the same login and portal that they would use for regular WebMail, help, and support access. The user interface is unified and moderated by tight access controls.

LuxSci's access control settings allow you to grant management of specific domain(s) and their users to specific users. This allows you to (a) delegate administration, (b) control who can administer what parts of your account if you have multiple domains, and (c) preserve the private labeling of your interface with respect to management by sub-administrators.

Some of the many controls that you have as an account administrator include:

  • Setup Wizards: make the addition and configuration of domains, users, web sites, private labeled themes, and databases very easy.
  • Login Control: Control the minimum strength of your users' passwords, the maximum length of their WebMail sessions, and even force them to login securely to WebMail and Email services.
  • User Management: View and edit all aspects of your users' settings: reset passwords, view reports, configure their email settings, configure their preferences, configure their contact information, and more.
  • Custom Contact Fields: Add custom fields to your users' contact information for tracking internal details.
  • User Auto-Delete/Auto-Disable: You can optionally have selected users automatically deleted or disabled if the users do not login (to POP, IMAP, SMTP, or WebMail) during a specified period of time that you can configure.
  • Email Tags: Create sets of email tags on a global and/or per-domain basis.
  • Email Capturing: Send copies of all inbound and/or outbound email for users in any domain in your account to specified auditor or archival email addresses of your choice. Users can be exempted from this process.
  • Email Monitoring: Monitor the content of all outbound email for specific content (using text or regular expressions). Matching messages can be denied, sent to an auditor, or automatically encrypted using SecureLineTM.
  • Taglines and Disclaimers: Add custom taglines or disclaimers to all outbound email messages for a domain.
  • Restrict Message Recipients: Optionally restrict to whom your users can send email messages to a custom list of email addresses and/or domain names to allow and/or deny.
  • Restrict Message Senders: Optionally restrict from whom your users can receive email messages to a custom list of email addresses and/or domain names to allow and/or deny.
  • Limit Message Size: If you need to, you can restrict the maximum size of inbound and outbound messages to a custom amount smaller than our default limit of 100MB.
  • Aliases: Configure individual address and catch-all email aliases for any of your domains. Forward email, bounce email with custom messages, or delete email to these addresses.
  • User Disk Space Limits: Impose optional per-user hard disk space limits to control user disk usage.
  • Domain Disk Space Limits: Impose optional per-domain hard disk space limits to control the disk usage of all users in a domain.

Encouraged Collaboration

As an account administrator, you have additional tools at hand to help promote collaboration among your users. You can subscribe users by default to shared folders with read-only or read-write access. These are especially helpful for sales, support, or other departments. As an administrator you can also define domain-wide or account-wide tags for messages. These allow easy organization for everyone's mailbox.

Administrators will find that WebAidesTM also provide them with the tools to encourage collaboration within their accounts. Through shared calendars, address books, and tasks, you can keep your users on the same page.

Unlimited Users / Domains / Web Sites

LuxSci's accounts and administrative interface are constructed to support the management of any number of users, domains, and web sites in a single account. Resellers find this very useful, as they can have one account with all of their clients in it and thus save money and simplify management.

Of course, accounts with large amounts of domains, users, disk space, etc., will want to consider our dedicated server or POD options.

Bulk Operations

You can perform bulk operations as an account administrator. Some of these include:

  • Bulk user creation from web forms or CSV files
  • Bulk user creation of email aliases from web forms or CSV files
  • Bulk deletion of users
  • Bulk deletion of email aliases.

Other types of bulk operations can be performed using our API (application program interface).

Global Account Administration

If you are an administrator in charge of more than one LuxSci account, you can use our Global Administration feature to administer all your accounts from one login rather then having to log into each account separately.

LuxSci is the ultimate in email, not only in terms of products but also in service. From a business perspective LuxSci provides unparalleled account administration and control over spam and viruses. You won't even know all the things that are possible with email until you check out LuxSci's multitude of special email services and products. They can also integrate web hosting with your email account."

William Hopwood . Florida Atlantic University