What is LuxSci's API?

LuxSci's application programming interface (API) allows you, the account administrator, to write programs or scripts, residing anywhere on the internet, to automate workflows and integrate LuxSci with other applications.

LuxSci API access is available upon request for no additional charge — simply ask our support staff to enable your account for access if you are interested.

LuxSci's API is REST-based and uses JSON for data transport. The following pages contain the complete documentation for the API, along with code samples which can be used for writing API client programs in a variety of languages.

API Reference Material

API Mechanics:

  • Creating an API Integration
  • Getting API Keys
  • API Integration Properties
  • API Access Controls
  • User and Account Scope
  • Making API Calls
  • API Authentication & Revocation
  • API File Requests with File Upload

API Mechanics Guide

API Endpoints:

Documentation for all available API calls.

  • Authentication
  • User-scope
  • Account-scope

API Endpoint Index

Other supporting documentation

Software Development Kits:

  • Current SDK version: v2024.4.1
  • Released: May 15th, 2024
  • See: Change List

Click on a language to download its SDK:

SDK help can be found in the readme file inside the SDK archive.

Sample Code:

Example client-side code that can be used to call LuxSci API endpoints. These simple examples can be used as a basis for building your own API client programs. We recommend using the provided SDKs, when possible.

Click on a language to download:

LuxSci has been a pleasure to work with. The level of support we've received from them has been top-notch. From the smallest user issue to complex custom work, LuxSci has delivered service far above what I expected. Best of all, uptime with LuxSci has been 100%."

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