LuxSci's tools and experienced support staff make migration from your current provider to LuxSci's email services a snap!

Managed Email Migration

LuxSci can migrate all of your user's existing email for you. When you have a lot of email, a lot of folders, and/or a lot of users and your old email provider supports IMAP. NOTE: calendars, address books & tasks are NOT automatically migrated as part of "email migration." These can be manually imported. See below for more details. With managed email migration, LuxSci can:

  1. Bulk create your users in LuxSci for you (you provide a spreadsheet of the user data and passwords)
  2. Connect to your old provider and automatically download all email from all folders for all users and save this email in their new LuxSci accounts.
  3. Perform multiple download passes (i.e. one ahead of time and one after the fact) to get any last messages that may have been delivered to the old provider during the migration period.
  4. Manage and monitor this process for you, no matter how much email needs to be copied.

This is the ideal solution if you have a lot to move and/or do not want to do it yourself. There is a small migration fee involved, based on the number of users being migrated and any special complexity in the migration.

FAQs: Perhaps you were wondering...?

Pricing is based on the number of users and the amount of email that you are migrating. You can find our standard pricing schedule below. Custom pricing applies if:

  • The number of actual users is much greater than the number of users you've indicated.
  • More than two "passes" are required to copy all data. One "pass" is one full copy of all data for all of your users from your current email provider.
  • There are an extremely large number of folders or emails.
  • There are other complex, non-standard considerations.

The migration is a copy operation and not a move. LuxSci copies all of your email from your old provider to LuxSci. This does not an can not delete any of your email from your old provider. The only ways that email could be lost are if:

  • Some folders can not be copied (e.g. your old provider is not exposing them via IMAP so our migration tools can not see them).
  • Your email folders at your old provider are corrupted so that we can not copy the messages
  • You delete messages from your old provider before it is copied to LuxSci
  • You have email that is not on your old provider (i.e. it is on your computer in local folders). This email would not be migrated and would be lost if your deleted it from your computer.

No. The migration can be run at any time and has no impact on your email services.

This migrates all of the email in all of the email folders that reside on your old provider's email servers. It does not include:

  • Email stored in locally on users' computers or at other providers
  • Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Files, Notes, etc.
  • User preferences and settings such as vacation messages, filters, etc.
Many of these things can be migrated manually by the user or account administrator.

Yes. IMAP access at your old provider is an absolute requirement for successful email migration.

In a standard migration, two "passes" will be performed. A "pass" is one full copy of all data for all of your users from your current email provider. The data is then saved in their new LuxSci email accounts. We perform two passes to make sure that all data is copied from your current provider before you end your services with them.

In order for the migration to begin, our technicians will need the following information:

  • The mail server name that we can use to access your users' email and whether this server requires a secure connection (e.g. over TLS). This information can be given to you by your current email provider.
  • Confirmation that IMAP has been enabled on the mail server you're providing. This information can be given to you by your current email provider.
  • A CSV file or Excel Spreadsheet containing a list of all users to be migrated (their login usernames and current passwords). If you have a large number of users, you may be able to export this information from your current provider.
  • Your best estimate of the total amount of data to be moved for all users.

Once your LuxSci Account has been created, you will use a Support Ticket to provide this information to our technicians.

The migration can happen in hours to days to weeks. The factors that slow the migration down include:

  • The more email there is to migrate, the longer it takes.
  • The slower your old email servers are, the longer it takes.
  • If your old servers are "flaky" and frequently terminate IMAP connections, do not like it when many messages are read or when a lot of data is downloaded ... this can significantly increase the migration time.
  • If the data provided (i.e. the usernames and passwords to the accounts at the old provider) is incorrect or becomes incorrect, this will slow things down as we will need to coordinate with you to get updated login credentials.

Our technicians use migration software that looks at your current email provider's server and makes a copy of each folder and email on LuxSci servers. This copy will preserve your folder trees and location of emails without affecting service or performance at your current provider in any way. The migration can be done at any time with no downtime for you at either LuxSci or your current provider.

When the first pass of the migration is complete, our technicians will respond to your Support Ticket. You can then check your LuxSci account for all expected folders and emails. Once you have confirmed that everything is in order and you are prepared to end services with your current provider, we will perform a second pass. This pass copies any data that may have arrived between the end of the first pass and the time you end services with your current provider (i.e. when you request a second pass).

Other questions? Call Sales

Minimize the Transition Time

If keeping the email service transition time to a minimum or having control over exactly when the transition occurs is important to you, LuxSci's technicians can help you with a plan to achieve your goals.

Ideally, it is possible for the transition to happen in as little as 15-20 minutes on a date and time of your choosing. However, this requires some preparation that we can assist you in planning.

Ready To Make the Change?

If you have any questions about any of these migration and transition options, or if you would like us to assist you in any of these areas, please contact us.

Managed Email Migration Pricing

Additional Migration Options

Bulk User and Alias Creation

LuxSci's bulk user and alias creation tools allow you to use a CSV (comma separated values) file to quickly add all of your users and aliases to your account.

Watch these videos to see how (and grab the Bulk User Creation template file)

Self-Service Email Migration

There are several ways that users and/or administrators can migrate their own email to LuxSci at no additional cost.

  • IMAP: If your former provider supports IMAP, you can set up your LuxSci IMAP account in parallel to your old account in your email client (i.e. Outlook or Thunderbird) and drag and drop messages and folders between the accounts. This will always work, no matter what kind of system your former provider uses.
  • POP: If your former provider supports only POP, you can migrate your INBOX email to LuxSci using our WebMail-based POP-downloading tool. This tool can connect to your old provider and copy all your INBOX email to your new LuxSci INBOX for you.

Using LuxSci for Some Users

If you have situations where you need to migrate users separately or in groups such that some users will be using your old system while others switch to LuxSci; we have a solution. We can set up a special migration domain for you on LuxSci to which you can forward email from your old system for the users who have been migrated. This email will then be delivered to their new mailboxes on LuxSci where they can effectively send and receive email using their real address (the inbound email will merely pass through your old servers on its way to them). When all users are migrated, you simply change your DNS, remove the migration domain, and you are done.

See: Split Domain Routing: Getting Email for Your Domain at Two Providers.

Migration of Other Data

Aliases: Aliases can be created easily in bulk using either a multi-alias creation form or by uploading a comma-delimited or tab-delimited file of aliases into our administrative interface.

Domains: If you have many domains, LuxSci can add them for you automatically using its API.

Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts: LuxSci's WebAidesTM support these items and you can import your data to the WebAidesTM using CSV files on a per-user basis. Alternately, if you use Outlook, you can use LuxSci's proprietary "WebAideSync" plug-in to copy all of this data from your Outlook into your LuxSci accounts and then keep it synchronized thereafter.

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