The "SecureSend Portal" enables anyone with an email address to send new secure email messages to any LuxSci SecureLineTM user. The sender only has to go to the SecureSend Portal:

Give your SecureSend Portal URL to anyone that you would like to send you secure messages. With SecureSend, they can initiate secure messages quickly and easily without needing to have any type of secure email system themselves.

Sending Secure Messages

The first time someone wants to send a secure message to a SecureLineTM user, they would first have to register (for free). This process confirms that the person has access to the email address from which s/he will be sending secure messages:

  1. Go to the SecureSend Portal
  2. Click on "Registration Form"
  3. Register
  4. A confirmation email is sent
  5. Click on a link in the confirmation email

Then, sending a secure message to a LuxSci SecureLineTM user is easy:

  1. Go to the SecureSend Portal
  2. Login
  3. Enter the recipient's email address, or select it from the list of previously recipients (if you have Private Labeling, you could provide a pre-filled list of recipient addresses for them).
  4. Enter the message content and upload attachments (up to 100MB in total size).
  5. Send!

SecureSend Features

Meets HIPAA Requirements
Send messages up to 100 messages/day
Send messages up to 70 Megabytes in total size
Attach up to 100 files per message
Message sent securely to LuxSci user
SecureSend Portal secured via SSL
Supports TLS, Escrow, PGP, and S/MIME for message encryption to the LuxSci user
Audit trail of SecureSend user logins and message sends
Audit trail kept until user's account is removed
SecureSend account remains active until the user has no logged in for at least 1 year
Private Labeling allows LuxSci customers to customize SecureSend experience

Customers with Private Labeling can:

  • Use their own domain name for the SecureSend Portal access URL
  • Customize the colors, header and footer HTML of the SecureSend portal
  • Create a custom list of recipients for their SecureSend users to select from

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We were looking for a reliable host, with emphasis on securing our client's data, and LuxSci was a great fit. The LuxSci team is superb with their support, always quick, very responsive and highly professional. The server itself is robust and fast. And most importantly, it provides the level of security we were looking for."

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