At LuxSci, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most comprehensive email security available. Combined with the use of LuxSci's TLS- and SSL-based secure information transmission services for WebMail, POP, IMAP, and SMTP, the use of SecureLineTM ensures that your email is as private as it can possibly be. We achieve this with:

Email Security Features

End-to-end email content encryption

Your message content can be encrypted from the time it is sent, to the time it is viewed by the recipient. This includes:

  • Secure transport - no one can eavesdrop on the message content during any stage of transport or delivery.
  • Secure storage - messages (sent via PGP, S/MIME, or Escrow) are stored while encrypted on disk so that they are secure in backups and protected against administrative disk access.
  • Access by any recipient with a valid email address - no matter what email service provider they have or email software they use. Only the intended recipients of your messages are given access.
  • Guaranteed integrity of message content.
Escrow Secure Message Retrieval Portal
Secure TLS-Only Email Forwarding

Optionally restrict all server-side email forwarding rules from your account to external addresses to be only to recipients whose email servers support SMTP TLS for email delivery.

Protected, Secure Logins
Your username and password remain secure when logging into our services.

WebMail and SMTP

Send secure messages using LuxSci WebMail, LuxSci SMTP, or MobileSync.
Read TLS-secured messages in WebMail, POP, and IMAP
Decrypt PKI-secured messages in WebMail or upon delivery.
Decrypt PKI-secured messages in WebMail or upon delivery.
Access Escrow message content easily from WebMail
Send one message to multiple recipients who require any combination of different encryption mechanisms.
Continue using LuxSci's email archival services, outbound email content monitoring services, and global message tag line service.
Forward and reply-to secure messages.
Define recipient domains that will be exempt from encryption.
Opportunistic TLS for delivery of all messages to all recipients.
Optional Forced SMTP TLS-Only delivery of messages to recipients that support TLS.
Enhance Security: Disable Forced TLS on a per-message basis.

If Forced TLS is enabled as an option, you can disable it on a per-message basis with one click (in WebMail) or by adding custom text to your message subject (when sending from your email program or device). In these cases, Opportunistic TLS will be used in combination with something more secure than TLS: Escrow, PGP, and/or S/MIME.

Three Modes: Encryption Always On, Optional and On by default, or Optional and Off by default.

You can configure how SecureLineTM is used on a global, per-domain, or per-user basis. This includes having all messages encrypted, or only some with encryption enabled or disabled by default for all new messages.

If you choose to have Encryption optional but enabled by default, then all messages sent without SecureLineTM are logged for auditing reasons, and copies of them can be sent to an auditor email address for review.

Integration into Microsoft Windows Outlook v2007+ via the free SecureLineTM Plugin.
Encrypt some messages and not others
Encrypt selected messages based on their content
Encryption is server-side; no special software needs to be installed

More Specific Feature Lists

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