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WebMail Email Signatures – Refreshed and Supercharged

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

LuxSci has provided advanced WebMail signature features for a very long time.  Being able to customize your sent email messages for the persona that you are sending from is critical to any serious or business email user.

After much development, LuxSci has expanded on its standard WebMail signature features which include:

  • Unlimited custom signatures
  • Separate signature content for HTML and plain text messages
  • Specifying the Reply-To and From addresses, as well as the From name
  • Clean and simple integration into email composition and quick switching between personalities on-the-fly

to add many advanced and customer-requested additions that are now available to all users:

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Protecting Yourself from Email “Web Bugs”

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Web Bugs are images in HTML-formatted email messages that, when viewed, tell the sender of the message that you read the message.  This mechanism of obtaining an essentially covert confirmation that (a) your email address is valid, (b) the email got past your filters, and (c) you actually read the message, is pervasively used by Spammers to identify what addresses are reading their messages.

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