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Online Form Design Best Practices

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Most businesses and organizations today use online forms to collect customer information. The same applies to healthcare companies. But, healthcare companies need to abide by stringent regulations concerning PHI or Protected Health Information under HIPAA.

So, it is of the utmost importance for such organizations to follow certain best practices when designing these forms. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


First and foremost, the data that is filled into the form must be secured when being transmitted, processed and stored. One way to do that is via encryption. Encryption secures form data by making it unreadable to those who do not have the access. This typically includes the browser and server.

SSL is one of the encryption options you can consider. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it’s basically a type of security protocol that secures the connection between sender and receiver. So, when data is transmitted, only the sender and receiver will have access to it. No third party can intercept and retrieve the data.

So, SSL encryption allows you to secure the submitted data during transmission.

online form design

You can make the data even more secure by adding an authentication layer. What that means is that only people who are authorized to view the data will be able to do so. This can go a long way in preventing unauthorized access.

Protect Yourself from Bots

Bots are automated programs that go poking around the Internet, looking for information, looking for system vulnerabilities, and looking for ways to send spam, among other things.  It is extremely common for such bots to automatically fill out and submit online forms … often with garbage or with spam.

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Capture all of your Web Form Data. Suppress unwanted fields.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Web site forms contain a vast plethora of fields to collect important data, such as contact information and order details.  Often, forms also contain hidden fields that track session state, user authentication, history, and other forms of information that may not be relevant when the form is ultimately submitted.

Most web form processing solutions will grab all posted form fields, including all of these hidden back-end fields, and include all data in the reports or emails to you.   There is nothing wrong with this, per se; however:

  1. These fields can pollute your results and make them harder to visually process.
  2. These fields can contain large amounts of “garbage” data that noone needs to see.
  3. These fields could contain private or sensitive information that should be dropped or discarded.

In some cases, you can solve some these problems by blanking or deleting these form fields using JavaScript when the form is submitted.  However, this does require some solid JavaScript skills to do properly.  Additionally, many web site and form builder solutions may not support or work well if you play around with the forms.

To remedy these issues in a very simple and universally applicable manner, LuxSci SecureForm now allows you to supply a list of form fields that will be suppressed / skipped.  Essentially, these form fields will be deleted from the posted data before any processing occurs, resulting in:

  1. Simplified data sets and reports
  2. No storage of sensitive or private information from those fields

SecureForm customers can specify the list of form fields to skip in their SecureForm configuration area, under the “Form” tab.