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DuoSecurity: Advanced Two-Factor Login for LuxSci’s Web Interface

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Two-Factor logins require users to

  1. Enter their username and password correctly (the 1st factor)
  2. Authenticate a second way (e.g., by entering a code delivered to their mobile phones).
Using two-factor authentication ensures that even if a user’s password is discovered, guessed, or captured, a malicious user still cannot gain access to the user’s account … at least not without also having access to the second factor.
Two-factor authentication significantly enhances the security of any system:
  • LuxSci staff use it for all administrative actions through our web interface and the server command line.
  • It is required for PCI compliance
  • It is appropriate for HIPAA compliance
LuxSci has long offered a simple and effective two-factor option for its web interface. Now, LuxSci also supports DuoSecurity Two-Factor authentication. This option provides many advanced user and administration features and is cost-effective (usually free) for small organizations.